The only solution to terror is Islam

That’s it. Aslim Taslam!  The “only solution”. Submit to Islam and your lives and your belongings are safe from the criminal thugs of allah.

In response to the aslim taslam invitation to submit to allah by Islam, the Italian author and journalist Oriana Fallaci asserted the rejoinder “lan astaslem” (Arabic: لن استسلم‎) meaning “I will never surrender/I will never submit/I will never be a Muslim”. Michelle Malkin has taken up this slogan as a response to the WTC terrorist attacks.

oriana Fallaci


Research by the German Bertelsmann Foundation has revealed problems in Western societies regarding the perception of Islam. Many countries regard Islam as a threat – especially Israel, Spain, the US, Switzerland and Germany. It’s equated with terror, fear and danger. There are also those who believe that Islam is incompatible with Western values.

Some Muslims may blame the Western societies in question for these evaluations. But it is not all that logical to lay the entire blame for Islamophobia at the feet of the West, when Muslims are killing one another and when the Press constantly covers stories of women stripped and beaten to death for converting to Christianity, or when radical types stand up and say that the Boston massacre would have been done much more professionally had Al Qaeda been involved.

Radicalism is a terrible scourge, and one of the main ways of ridding ourselves of it is through an alliance of good people.

I wish to consider the matter in terms of those Western societies that regard Islam as a threat. It is a fact that some writers, politicians and journalists – long known for their “anti-Islamic” views, but who are really criticising radicalism – have themselves been behaving radically. When these people, who largely seek to lay the blame for all radical violence at the door of Islam are told, “This is not true Islam,” and even when they are shown evidence from the Quran, they reject it in the same way as radicals do. “No!” they say. “Islam is a religion of war! It is hostile to Jews and Christians! There is no democracy or freedom of ideas in Islam!”

Who would it be easier to convince? Radicals who say they are Muslims? Or Western intellectuals who imagine, as they condemn them, that those people’s ideas represent the true nature of Islam?

If someone truly wants to end the terror that has spread across the world in the name of Islam, he or she should listen to those Muslims who are striving against radicalism; Muslims who take the Quran as their guide, not nonsense.

For several years now, the world has watched the US fight against radicalism. Since people’s opinions were not targeted and since the solution was sought in bombs alone, it was innocent Muslims, ignorant people who had fallen into the clutches of radicalism and American soldiers who had only a vague idea what they were even doing in those countries who paid the price. Yet, radicalism grew ever stronger because the logic behind it was still alive.

Treating Islam as an enemy will do nothing more than increase the fears of those Western societies that regard Islam as a threat. They should heed those Muslims who obey Allah’s command in the Quran, “You who have faith! Enter peace and security totally.”

They should support those Muslims who seek to establish a climate of peace in accordance with the verse “Each time they kindle the fire of war, Allah extinguishes it. They rush about the earth corrupting it. Allah does not love corrupters.”

They must heed those envoys of peace who regard Christians and Jews as their brothers, by saying, “We have faith in what has been sent down to us and what was sent down to you. Our God and your God are one and we submit to Him.”

The only way of eliminating a mistaken mindset is to bring forth the truth. Western societies need to be guided by people who know the “Islam of the Quran.”

People who know that terror has no place in Islam must stand together and change the minds of radicals. Once people realise that the bloody war going on is not a “holy war,” there will be no more terrorists or terror. Western societies need people who criticise radicals with the Quran. Their salvation is “the true Islam”!

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  1. Sorry, Aylin Kocaman, but I just don’t buy your story. I have read the Koran and I have read the Hadiths and Muhammad’s bio and I just don’t believe the taqiyya you’re talking.
    Lan astaslem !

  2. al Kidya:

    “Western societies need to be guided by people who know the “Islam of the Quran.”

    If you submit there will be peace. If you resist you are a terrorist.

    No taqiyya here, Aylin is an honest Muslim!

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