The simple mind of Mudd

“Just angry kidz…”

Unhappy, lonely, disenfranchised al Qaeda kidz

Philip Mudd, Former Deputy Director of National Security, FBI & Counterterrorist Center for the CIA: “I don’t necessarily think these are real jihadi terrorists. I think they’re angry kids”

Pamela Geller:

Philip Mudd is the former Deputy Director of National Security, FBI and the former Deputy Director of Counterterrorist Center for the CIA.

Is it any wonder that we are in the trouble we are in? Expect more bodies blown to bits in American streets with jackasses like the appropriately named Mudd.

The sophistication of the bombs points to training and involvement of others but Mudd says he believes them when they say they acted alone. And in the same breath he then says he doesn’t believe them when they say it was jihad (“My judgment is, what they say is not necessarily what I believe”). The reason he doesn’t believe them? Because the bomber “doesn’t have much of an ideological background.” He’s a Muslim who went operational — what more ideological background does he need?

The view of our adversaries is simple. To them, we are the pillar upholding “corrupt” regimes in the Muslim world, and they believe that if we’re put under enough pressure, we’ll cut and run. We left Lebanon. We left Somalia. In their minds, we’ll retreat again and again—if they can put the pressure on.  (Philip Mudd)


 Intelligence is not something you can buy in the supermarket:

This kind of wakademic stupidity is taught by Muslim instructors:

There will not be peace and stability in the Middle East until there is justice in the Middle East (“Justice” means sharia, something the learned analysts conveniently overlook. But they never miss this one:

 Israel is seen as a foreign Western colonial power occupying Muslim land. …

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    I believe that was the objective from the start.

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