The thieves: Australia’s Left is funding a permanent opposition to taxpayers, using the taxpayers’ own cash.

Andrew Bolt:

 Labor cuts everything except funds for its propaganda

Utterly shameless. Despite being so broke that it’s slashed the baby bonus and foreign aid, Labor still pinches taxpayers’ money for its propaganda: 

An extra $74 million will be channelled into federal government advertising campaigns despite the budget’s bleak finances.

And there’s the bribes for the ABC and SBS, sure to guarantee further kind coverage of Labor and its causes.

The thieves.

Perpetuating Leftism after Labor:

Labor pays off the ABC, which looks Left for inspiration

Labor’s Budget filled the war-chests of the state’s Left-wing media outlets – not just to keep them friendly in the election, but alive afterwards, when Labor will need friends:

Tim Blair notes that ABC managing director Mark Scott, who feigned ignorance of the overwhelmingly Leftist bias of his presenters, now says he’s taking inspiration from Left-wing programs in the US: