“There will be no defence under a government I lead”

Australia’s defence now totally disabled  (Bolt)

Funding for the disabled will come in part from disabling Australia:

THE Gillard government is set to trim another large chunk from the defence budget as it seeks to cut spending in areas that carry a low risk of political damage.

The Daily Telegraph understands more than $1 billion could be sliced from defence over the forward estimates in the federal Budget on May 14…The government gave the military a $5.5 billion haircut in last year’s budget.

Driven to spend. It’s in our DNA. Just not on stuff like Defence.

If you understand Fabian Socialism you’ll understand Julia Gillard.

Michael Smith blog

Greg Sheridan says we are now utterly reliant on the US to defend us:

One of the claims the Gillard government will have on the attention of history is what it has done to destroy Australia’s independent strategic capabilities and render us a comprehensive strategic client of the US, with minimal independent strategic weight… 

I have never seen the Americans more unhappy about our defence budget. Strategically, we are now 100 per cent reliant on the US…

Increasingly, all our forces will be hollow, existing on paper but without being able to actually do any military work. It is a national disgrace and will take many years to repair.