3 thoughts on ““This is Australia” (still?)”

  1. Absolutely sickening. If this is what happens in Australia when Muslims (allegedly) comprise only one or two percent of the whole population, what break down in law and order can Australians expect when Muslims are ten or twenty percent ? And we have a Government that has given up even the pretence of protecting Australia’s borders. All Muslim immigration into this country should be banned, and no so-called ‘asylum seeker’ should ever be given permanent residency or citizenship. And any law breakers should be immediately deported to their country of origin.

  2. The poor oppressed muslims. All they want is peace, and some god-damned sunni/shia/salafii/sufi heretic comes along disrespecting their homies, forcing them into a violent, murderous rage. As you do. And the poor buggers have to go overseas to kill the heretics because we won’t let them do it here. What a travesty.

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