This is Canberra

Gassy Monster

Tim Blair

The perfect symbol of our capital city – a bloated, gaseous, multi-breasted monster feeding those who dwell in its poisonous shadow while leeching off the rest of us:

Good Lord. The ghastly beast takes flight:

The work, a “relative bargain for public art” at $172,000, will be hard to miss. Bristol balloon-makers Camerons made Skywhale from 3.5km of fabric. 

Skywhale’s Canberra symbolism is now complete:

ACT taxpayers are paying at least $100,000 more than the territory government has indicated for the controversial Skywhale hot air balloon.


Official documents reveal the balloon is costing at least $334,000, not the $170,000 figure quoted by ACT Government officials.

UPDATE:  They paid for it but don’t own it.

Andrew Bolt

“We are better than white people” is “pride”. The other stuff is racism

The ABC reports on Victoria’s Immigration Museum, now celebrating identity politics and some of that new Good Racism:   the Immigration Museum was disappointed by the lack of “real racism” it found. So it’s going to try harder to present an indictment of this society. “We are better than white people” is “pride”. The other stuff is racism

Downunder, its all left, all the time:

More on the ABC’s betrayal of its charter responsibilities to offer a variety of perspectives, with every one of its main current affairs show hosted by people of the Left. Bloody wankers.

Anything But Conservative #125

The Climate Change Minister sounds under pressure: 

Combet sweats in hot climate, abusing everyone but himself

Senior cabinet minister Greg Combet has attacked some of his Labor Party colleagues as ‘’whingers’’ in an angry and expletive-laden speech to supporters and donors

Why pick on the Vietnamese?

 Hang on. Vietnamese boat people are not likely to have stopped off in many countries on their way here. Why are they being singled out?

Today the government said that it had transferred a further 21 Vietnamese asylum seekers to its detention centre on Papua New Guinea’s Manus Island. They are the third group of Vietnamese boat arrivals sent to Manus in recent weeks and the 14th group of asylum seekers overall that the Labor government has sent to the island since it resurrected the Howard government-era facility in August last year.