This judge doesn’t take any shiite


Tim Blair

Remarkably, this is the first prison sentence given to anyone involved in last year’s Islamic riots:

A rioter who was in the middle of every aggressive confrontation with police during last year’s violent Muslim protests in the Sydney CBD has been sent to prison for more than four years.

And a magistrate said she would have sent father-of-one Mahmoud Eid, 26, to jail for even longer if she was allowed.

Well done, Deputy Chief Magistrate Jane Culver. Mr Eid’s antics included general rioting, kicking a police dog and shoving a female police officer to the ground. Here’s Eid’s lawyer:

Elie Rahme said his client was a man who clearly struggled to “control his emotions” and “express his feeling passively”.

“He joined a mob which, it appeared, had similar people in it who were poor in expressing their emotions and poor at expressing their feelings,” he said.

To the contrary, this “mob” of “similar people” seem to express themselves very clearly.

This judge doesn’t take any shiite:

Violent Muslim rioter Mahmoud Eid behind bars


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  1. Ha ha great stuff sheik, 1 down 999 to go round em all up thats what I say.

    Scum all of them…….period.

    If barry O ‘farrel wasn’t such a soft – – – – no holds would be barred to hunt down everyone of the knuckle dragging apes.

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