This police force will not be intimated by Zionist and dirty Jews

Pamela Geller got a letter from a Canadian cultural enricher:


The York Regional Police are a fantastic police force and very
friendly to peaceful Muslims.

This police force will not be intimated by Zionist and dirty Jews.

They are one of the few systems in Canada that
are not racist towards Muslims and Iranians. They have worked hard for
our family when we were victims of Racism and Criminal Harassment. I
hold these people very dearly towards my heart.

This botoxed hussy won’t get into Canada. The York Regional Police will ensure that.

If you have any issues please feel free to contact these fine police:

Detective Constable Maurizio Gentili #1133

Sargent Mark Charlebois #815

Both work for the York Regional Police and are excellent police officers with
integrity and understanding of the treachery of the Zionist racism. The end.

Somehow one gets the idea that  this Afarin Maleki-Raei is not exactly what Canada needs to uphold ‘diversity’.

From this blog entry:

VIDEO: Pamela Geller Interview on Israel National News


9 thoughts on “This police force will not be intimated by Zionist and dirty Jews”

  1. Afarin Maleki-Raei on Blazing Cat Fur (in 2010?) …

    [All that she wanted to express was that tiny dissatisfaction, and (almost) all she wrote was:

    You will know what suffering means you dirty Zionist garage.

    Since Afarin, when under excitement or pressure, tends to miss some letters and even words, she intended to hint playfully at some painful games she will subject Blazing Cat Fur to if he doesn’t clean up that garage. And here we are now. Of course, she could be a bit kinky (in a good way) and offer participation of her two good friends in the suffering games mentioned:

    You will see how fast either Det. Ian Mason or Maurizio Gentili have you in handcuffs and crying like a little baby.

    But it’s all offered in good faith and for fun. ]

    Seems she has some York detectives in her sky rocket.

  2. Like a bin full of prawn shells. The YRP might be regretting their actions re Pamela & issue a flurry of “it was all a misunderstanding” press releases.

    (The comments system seems to be working well, unlike my arithmetic)

  3. Doesn’t surprise me at all; you should see the lengths the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney-General goes to protect islam from being exposed in public!

    They will breach citizen’s privacy in a heartbeat, expose them to moslem retaliation, slander them as guilty until never proven innocent criminals, and absolutely prevent anyone from ever accusing any moslems of any crimes.

  4. This is simply ridiculous. This is more Zionist propaganda. Ms. Geller, botox and all, is a racist and not welcome in Canada. The York Regional Police is an excellent, excellent police force well versed in the Zionist treachery . This is a police force that cherish and adore the Muslim community because we are peaceful and law abiding. It is you Jews and Zionist who spread lie, slander and garbage. It is you criminal , racist and ugly Jew who try to defame this police force. They understand your dirty tricks and understand how to defeat them so you lie to make this up.

    The York Regional Police is fast to establish ties to our peaceful community and I will warn you that you are playing with fire. I have been harassed for years and many police including Chief Eric Jolliffe have provided excellent support for our family. Among the police who have helped our family, with love and thanks , are:

    Inspector Graham Turl
    Inspector Angelo De Lorenzi
    Detective Constable Maurizio Gentili
    Sargent Mark Charlesbois
    Detective Sherwin Bachoo
    Detective Constable Ryan Kimens

    And most of all Chief Eric Jolliffe.

    They are truly trained in understanding the Zionist mindset and the treachery of the Judicial system, the dirty Jew Lawyers and criminal cabal and deal with them appropriately.

    These lies and slander and blood libel is why you Jews were put into ovens and massacred like the animals you are in Germany. This is why you will end up like this again.

    Support the Police. Support York Regional Police. Stop this slander immediately and tell the truth!!!!

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