U.S.: “Certificate of Need” for Muslim-friendly surgery centre rejected

Nothing to worry about, what are you afraid of , Islamophobes?

  • Surgeons would not stop in mid-surgery when a time of prayer came.
  • “Sharia law” would not trump state and federal laws.
  •  “Separate but equal” waiting rooms probably would be illegal under American civil rights law.

Muslims feel uncomfortable in hospitals, but board says no to Islam-friendly surgicenter

BOLINGBROOK — A state regulatory board indicated it plans to reject a plan to build a Muslim-friendly surgery center in southwest suburban Orland Park.

But several board members said they sympathize with a problem they hadn’t realized exists: the discomfort that followers of Islam — especially modesty-conscious Muslim women — feel about using any of the existing hospitals, urgent-care centers and surgery centers in the Chicago area.

Proponents say they have not given up on the project.  (Mullah)

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4 thoughts on “U.S.: “Certificate of Need” for Muslim-friendly surgery centre rejected”

  1. So western women who wait in hospital/emergency care rooms are immodest one presumes?

  2. This bullshit is specifically covered in The Hedaya, the main code of haneefite sharia law utilized and imposed on all the moslems in the world for centuries under the Ottoman Turks; so they are all quite well aware of the simple fact that male doctors ARE allowed to see female patients who are not related to them!!!!!

  3. Interesting.

    Got a link?

    I got this:

    “If the treatment is on her private parts, then it is necessary that a female is instructed to treat her. If this is not possible and it is feared that the woman may perish or undergo unbearable pains, only then will it be permissible for a male to treat her.” (See: Radd al-Muhtar ala al-Durr al-Mukhtar, 6/371).

  4. Apparently this does not work if the poor woman or girl is being gang raped by a bunch of retards…who then, tell her she now must be stoned for having sex…something about a doctor not being able to treat her private parts isn’t jiving with the torture treatment she receives at the hands of fellow midget minded muslim rapists…why does she need to have four male witnesses when the one male witness, a doctor, is unable to see her private parts in a legitimate setting where her health is on the line. Once again, insanity rears its very ugly head wherever moes decide to push the insanity button to new levels. So let’s get this right…a REAL bonafide doctor can’t view her private parts, but if he just happens to be a gang banger, then all the boys in the hood get to inspect her parts..and all get to use their stethoscopes to probe..do I have that right? One would think they should check their temperature before pulling down their pants to play deadly doctor on her.

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