WA Wakademic Anne Aly: Aussies Are Potential Terrorists & Muslim Killers

 Dr Anne Aly, BA, PGDA, MEd, PhD

Dr Anne Aly is one of Australia’s foremost academics dealing with counter-terrorism, she is listed as one of Western Australia’s most influential women and is an active supporter of the Bali Peace Park.

Anne was born in Alexandria, Egypt and migrated to Australia when she was two years old. She grew up in Sydney and returned to Egypt to study where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from the American University in Cairo.

In Cairo you can buy a BoA degree in any barber shop. Why does she decorate herself with wakademic titles like a third world general?

Aussies are the enemy for this Arab Muslima:


“There is a lot of incitement to racial hatred here, that’s the kind of stuff that fuels violent extremism.”

Dr Aly said she believed it would probably take a tragedy before the state government acted.

She said there could be a number of motivating factors in a person adopting extremist views.

“It could be social ideologies, a political cause; some say it’s a life experience or certain life events,” Dr Aly said.

“A lot of the time somebody has a personal grievance and then that grievance becomes a grievance towards a group.

“It could be ‘the wogs got all the houses’ or ‘brown people have all the jobs,'” 

“From that, people get sucked into the idea that the only way to fight this is to fight back, to bear arms and to kill them, they become entrenched in this idea that there is a war.

The Murray Mail has more/ Mullah did some searches on this fruitloop…..

3 thoughts on “WA Wakademic Anne Aly: Aussies Are Potential Terrorists & Muslim Killers”

  1. Back to reality:

    Report: Hizbullah Has Sleeper Cells in Australia – John Lyons (The Australian)

    Sheik Bilal Radwan, an influential Sunni cleric in Tripoli, Lebanon, told The Australian:

    “There are sleeper cells for Hizbullah in Australia. I warn your government about such a thing. It is well known that they have sleeping cells like Abu Abbas, Abu Jafaar and Zaiter

    . All these are operating on the Australian ground.”

    He also said as many as 50 Australians have gone to Syria to join rebels fighting against the Assad regime.

    The good sheik doesn’t mention the Sunni sleeper cells in Oz. Hating shiites, as all good sunnies do, he warns us about Hizbollah.

  2. AA sounds rather like that Alliance of Civilisation goonda, Aftab Malik, who recently graced us with his presence (and warning). The message is, “Give us the money – and everything else we demand, OR ELSE! (That is, a tragedy” will occur…)” But she is not as subtle, and I’m sure many Australians will be offended by her nasty accusations.

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