We just didn’t give him enough!

Oppressed Muslim Bomber Got $5.566 in Financial Aid

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On May 1, 2013  In The Point 

 Tamerlan Tsarnaev has no choice but to turn terrorist because we gave him less than six grand, reads tomorrow’s New York Times story. It will be subtitled, “Broken Dreams of Community College” or “A $5,566 Raisin in the Sun”.

Boston Marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev was awarded $5,566 in educational aid to attended two different community colleges, the state education department announced today.

From fall 2006 to fall 2007, Tamerlan Tsarnaev received:

o   A total of $2,532 in Federal Pell Grant funds to attend Bunker Hill Community College.

o   A total of $1,100 in Cash (ACCESS) Grants funds to attend Bunker Hill Community College.

o   A total of $288 in Tuition Waivers to attend Bunker Hill Community College.

o   A total of $400 in Part-Time Grants to attend Bunker Hill Community College.

· In spring 2008, Tamerlan Tsarnaev received:

o   $1,000 in Federal College Work Study funds while attending Mass Bay Community College.

o   $246 in Federal Pell Grant funds to attend Mass Bay Community College.

If only we had given him more. The billions we spend on jet planes could have bought him 100 yachts. That 5 million dollar drone could have bought Tamerlan 300,000 copies of Erica Jong’s Fear of Flying. The 9 million that Obama cut from the Office for Bombing Prevention could have bought him a mansion with a swimming pool full of Perrier that surely would have ended his resentment against America.


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  1. He Seemed Like Such a Nice Guy

    The news is filled with comments made by people who knew the Boston Marathon bombers that they were “nice”, regular people. They cannot believe that the Tsarnaev brothers could be violent. This is not the first time we have heard such observations, but there is an added dimension. What happened was not just violence, but jihad.

    By jihad I mean “kill the Kafir” (non-Muslim), not the spiritual struggle that the apologists for Islam like to bring up. To be fair, there is a mention of jihad as spiritual struggle, but it is insignificant. As one measure, Bukhari collected the most important traditions of Mohammed called Hadith. Out of 7000 of these traditions, about 1500 of them are about jihad. Of these 1500 jihad hadiths, over 1400 are about “kill the Kafir” jihad and only a few or so are about jihad as spiritual struggle. This indicates Mohammed thought that jihad as war was much more important than jihad as spiritual struggle.

    Mohammed preached the religion of Islam for 13 years in Mecca and converted only a 150 people. He was driven out of Mecca and went to Medina. In Medina he became a politician, jihadist and warlord. He averaged a jihad event on the average of 1 every 6 weeks and as a result every Arab was converted to Islam. The religion of Islam was a failure, but politics and jihad triumphed absolutely. Mohammed talked a lot about jihad, because it worked.

    The important factor here is that Mohammed is believed to be the perfect Muslim. The Koran says so over 90 times. If the perfect Muslim is a jihadi, and Allah loves a jihadi, then jihad is a sacred act. That means that the Tsarnaev brothers had an internal guidance system provided by Islamic jihad doctrine.

    The Tsarnaev jihadi brothers were not violent for personal gain. They were the manifestation in the world of the hand of Allah. Angels support them. The archangel Gabriel was a jihadi against the Jews. Jihadis do not kill settling a personal grudge. Jihadis are to harm Kafirs because Allah hates the Kafirs and plots against them. The Kafirs offend Allah by their rejection of Islam.

    Being a jihadi is not a personality disorder; it is not a psychosis or even a neurosis. Jihad is the supreme spiritual ecstasy of human experience. The jihadist is greeted by the angels and his wounds carry him across judgment day to the supreme heaven. The jihadist martyr is taken directly to paradise without Allah’s final judgment.

    The jihadist brothers were “nice”, because deception is the heart of Islam’s dualistic ethics. The shortest hadith is only 3 words: “war is deceit,” says Mohammed. When Mohammed sent out an assassin against a Jewish poet, he said for the assassin to use deceit to get close to the Jew in order to kill him. Mohammed advised deceit if it advanced Islam for there is no Golden Rule in Islam.

    But the main reason that the Tsarnaevs were “nice” is that they only started to truly embrace Islam in the past two years. Tamerlan began to pray 5 times a day and become more religious. Before the immersion in Islam, they could actually be a friend to a Kafir. The Koran has 12 verses that say the Muslim can be friendly with a Kafir, but he is never truly their friend. A Muslim is a brother only to another Muslim, never a Kafir. So after becoming religious, they were no longer the true friend of any Kafir.

    Bottom line: the measure of a Muslim is not whether they are “nice” but how closely they follow the doctrine of Islam. The media will be filled for the next few weeks about how nice most Muslims are. Remember that every Muslim is bound by the entire Islamic doctrine. A good Muslim must accept all of the Koran, Sunna or Sharia, which includes jihad. All Muslims must believe in jihad if they believe in Islam. They may choose not to follow it, but jihad is always there.

    Bill Warner, Director, Center for the Study of Political Islam
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  2. And they also believe that we aren’t converts but “reverts” cause they believe that EVERYONE is born a rabid musturd and strays off the path as we get older therefore they are out to guide us back to the light.

  3. My rule of thumb is. Always look a Muslim in the eye, the eyes are the gateway to the soul and if they read the dirty book they adhere to it, NEVER believe or trust them, no matter what.

    Done me good so far.

  4. Jizya payments by dhim-witted infidels have been set at 50% of the infidel’s means throughout history, so they obviously knew well in advance what his expectations would be! The infidels got their justly deserved payback for withholding him his righful dues big-time!


  5. @Ironside:

    Here’s what I say when people say they have nice open moslem friends:

    You know those open, innocent-seeming, relieved, “Thank allah this ONE person isn’t denigrating my religion and seems to be genuinely open to reason about it!” looks you MUST be getting from your “moslem friends,” – and which you so-obviously crave?

    (Because of course that would make you “unique” amongst all the rest of us hater/ racist/ bigots here in the West, wouldn’t it?)


    Well… Guess What! Those earnest looks AREN’T based on their being some poor, misunderstood and oppressed minority! NOR are they based on their being happy to save your soul by telling you their religious “truths” either! (Despite what most Westerners might commonly have come to expect from most of those puppy-like, innocently naive, more local religious folks around here)!

    NO, those looks of relief are ONLY based on the moslems’ own, personal relief that, if you fall for their LIES, then they won’t personally eventually have to kill you for allah (which would be onerous, messy, and distasteful, even to them)!

    So what you saw were the exact same looks as you’d get from, say, the delusively innocent Jehovah’s Witlesses, but were motivated by entirely different background reasons!

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