Welcoming Mohammed

RMIT welcomes  (crucial)  Muslim Chaplain

Imam-TariqGold Coast Mustard Abdul Quddoos Al-Azhari (File Photo)

“The Chaplains are a crucial part of the Wellbeing Services team at the University. …

Peaceful Jihad Jack


Melbourne Uni cancels ‘inter-faith’ event by Islamic Research and Educational Academy

THE University of Melbourne has cancelled an Islamic group’s lecture theatre booking for an “inter-faith” event which was to be held on campus this weekend.

The Islamic Research and Educational Academy had planned to hold an event entitled “Jesus in the Bible and the Quran” in the university’s Copland Theatre on Saturday evening.  (out with the trash: The Australian thanks to Mullah)

Islam: The Teflon Religion

 Today there is zero accountability admitted by the clerics of Islam for the atrocities committed by Muslims around the world. Whenever critics connect the religion of Islam with the egregious behaviour of Muslim terrorists, there are those who immediately go into action to silence these critics. …

More Teflon at Magic City Morning Star/By Michael Devolin/via Mullah

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