Where’s home for these Arab Muslims?

Can’t we  just leave them where they belong?

Two Arabs who moved to Soddy Barbaria 10 years ago are facing terrorism charges. Because they kept their Australian passports “they just want to come home” now. So says their  hijabbed Momma who still lives in Perth.  The Greens feel obliged to bail them out with your money:

After a decade, I feel a little less obliged   (Andrew Bolt)

The Greens say we have an obligation to help two Australians: 

Junaid Muhammad Thorne

Greens Senator for Western Australia Scott Ludlam has urged Foreign Minister Bob Carr to take all measures necessary to ensure two Western Australians in Saudi Arabia – one in prison and one in hiding – receive full diplomatic support…

“I understand that Shayden Thorne is in prison facing a terrorism charge while his younger brother Junaid is in hiding, having previously been detained for taking part in a protest against the Saudi government’s treatment of political prisoners…

“It is essential that Foreign Minister Carr does all he can to ensure the fair treatment of these two Australians.”

One small detail missing from Ludlam’s appeal:

The Thorne brothers have lived in Saudi Arabia for over a decade…

Shayden Thorne

7 thoughts on “Where’s home for these Arab Muslims?”

  1. Typical of the loony left greens to get involved. These two and total halfwits, let them rot in goal.

  2. Leave the bastards there ,waste of tax payer money


  3. I have a lot of questions about this.
    First: the mother is in Australia and has a non-Arabic surname.

    Second: the young men are aged, respectively, 25 and 23. We are *also* told that they have been in Saudi Arabia for more than *ten* years.
    Subtract ten from 25 and 13 and you get: 15 and 13. If it’s more than that, say twelve years, sthen the elder was 13 and the younger was 11 when they left Australia on that one-way ticket to the Sandpits.

    A 15 year old and a 13 year old cannot just hop on a plane and flit off to **Saudi Arabia** all on their own.

    Either someone *took* them on that plane, or they were able to travel as unaccompanied minors because there was an adult at the other end to receive them, someone they were going to visit and stay with…?

    Perhaps their father?

    NONE of the reporting I’ve seen has said anything at all about their FATHER. Where is he? Who is he?

    Reading between the lines, what I think we are dealing with here, as in so many many other cases (think David Headley) is the wretched fallout from yet another instance of ‘marriage jihad’.

    1. As far as I know the father is a Moroccan, the mother is a Malaysian. (I could be wrong)

      They have been in Soddy Barbaria for 12 years, that’s where they belong.

  4. More bad PR for islamic rule if they do manage to escape and return to Australia -after their mother’s pleas to have them returned from the most islamic of islamic countries to the freedom , safety and justice found living amongst the Infidels. Not that we don’t have millions of examples already around the world made by muslims who made that move.

    No more Hajj for these clowns.

  5. Sheik: what I do know is that the mother, the father and the two sons went to Saudi Arabia not ‘more than 10’ years ago, but…eighteen years ago. Closer to twenty than ten. One thing that can be said, is that 18 years ago those two kids had absolutely no choice about where they were going: how much choice would you have had at age 7 or at age 5, if your parents had decided to move house, or go interstate, or take you overseas? After they’d been in S Arabia a year or so, the father divorced the mother, kept the kids (standard Mohammedan law, esp in Saudi Arabia!) and the mother came back to Australia. So the boys were then kept in Saudi Arabia by the father for the next seventeen years, and pickled in Islam. It would have been a miracle of the first order if either had managed to withstand that level of immersion; after all, the children taken and trained as janissaries never managed to rebel.
    As for the mother, the story aired on NITV (Indigenous TV); I got the impression she is Aboriginal, she probably converted as a result of the Marriage Jihad. After being used as a breeder and then discarded, she should have apostasised the minute she got back on Australian soil where it was relatively safe to do so.

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