Would Stephen Hawking Survive Under an Arab Regime?


Frankly, I never cared for Hawkins’ big bang or for black holes. Hawkins appeals to the usual cabal of progressives who brought us ‘climate change’ and Agenda 21.

Stephen Hawking is the media’s favorite scientist. It could be because a great mind striving beyond the confines of a body crippled by Lou Gehrig’s disease tugs on our heartstrings and inspires us to overcome our own limitations. Or it could be because Hawking is a moonbat, willing to place irresponsible left-wing malice before science:

British physicist Stephen Hawking has dropped plans to attend a major international conference in Israel in June, citing his belief that he should respect a Palestinian call to boycott contacts with Israeli academics. … (Moonbattery)

From the Elder:

Would Stephen Hawking Survive Under an Arab Regime?

Would Professor Hawking ever survive in any Arab country or under the Palestinian autocracy he shamefully defends?
While in the Arab world disabled people have been called “the invisibles,” because they are segregated and hidden from the public eye, Israel’s work with illness and disabilities would merit a book in itself.

Hawking Boycott ‘Slap in the Face to Academic Freedom’

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today criticized the decision by British professor Stephen Hawking to withdraw from the Israeli Presidential Conference on political grounds, calling it “a slap in the face to academic freedom.”

Will Hawking Boycott his own Voice Generator?

British physicist Prof. Stephen Hawking’s decision to support the academic boycott of the state of Israel is “quite hypocritical for an individual who prides himself on his own intellectual accomplishment,” asserted Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, director of Shurat HaDin Israel Law Center.“His whole computer-based communication system runs on a chip designed by Israel’s Intel team.I suggest that if he truly wants to pull out of Israel he should also pull out his Intel Core i7 from his tablet,” said Darshan Leitner.

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  1. I never had much respect for Hawking, as his contributions are nothing but fairly simple extentions of Einstonian physics. He is the darling of the BBC and atheists though, as he speaks their language. Its the same thing with Dawkins.

    Hawking’s latest stand on Israel shows that Hawking is unable to separate
    fact from propaganda.

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