York Diversity Cops Who Objected to Pamela Geller Rolled Out a Red Carpet For al Qaeda

The true meaning of ‘diversity’ and ‘interfaith-dialogue’. Strange that it always favours Islam, doesn’t it?


Petition ~ Chief Jolliffe: Resign or Apologize to Rabbi Kaplan and the Jewish Community


Greenfield: “York Diversity Cops Objected to Pamela Geller, Not to Al Qaeda”

Those opposed to jihad, ethnic cleansing, gender apartheid, creed apartheid, Islamic Jew-hatred, and misogyny are banned, but slaughterers and their handmaidens? They are given the red carpet…..

Huge heartfelt thanks to Ezra Levant, Mark Steyn, The Ottawa Citizen, and Canadians United Against Terror for their fierce and unflinching defense of my work. Honorable mention to Daniel Greenfield, who rips here:

“York Diversity Cops Objected to Pamela Geller, Not to Al Qaeda” Daniel Greenfield, Front Page Magazine


Rarely has the term P.C. Police been quite so apt as it is now. But that is the story in the United States as well. The authorities are very good at locking up miscreants who make movie trailers that offend Muslims… but not so good at deporting Chechen Jihadists on terror watch lists.

The YRP’s Ricky Veerappan is on record stating that it is they YRP’s duty to represent “community values”, translated into real world action that means strong-arming YRP Chaplain Rabbi Kaplan into rescinding his offer to host a talk by Pamela Geller at his synagogue. Let’s see what other “community values” the YRP upholds.

Imam Abdul Hai Patel is a chaplain with the York Regional Police. Patel, along with other members of the Canadian Council of Imams attended a conference in 2012 sponsored by the World Muslim League.  The World Muslim League as detailed below has a long and sordid association with terrorists. Do note well that the World Muslim League operates WAMY – the World Assembly of Muslim Youth. WAMY was stripped of status as a Canadian charity last year after it was discovered to have funded terrorists:

Yes, but surely it can’t be quite that bad...

MWL promotes Wahhabism, the extremist form of Islam practiced in Saudi Arabia. In the 1980s, the League’s Pakistan office was run by Mohammed Jamal Khalifa, a senior member of the Muslim Brotherhood and brother-in-law of Osama bin Laden. Khalifa was the co-founder of the Benevolence International Foundation and he helped to finance Operation Bojinka, a foiled 1995 plot that would have simultaneously detonated bombs aboard eleven U.S.-bound airliners, blowing them up in mid-flight over the Pacific Ocean and the South China Sea.

In addition, two members of an al Qaeda sleeper cell based in Boston worked at MWL’s Pakistan office. One worker, Nabil al-Marabh, number 27 on the FBI’s list of wanted terrorists, was arrested by federal agents in Detroit shortly after 9/11; it was reported that he “intended to martyr himself in an attack against the United States.” The other operative, Raed Hijazi, was apprehended and tried in Jordan on charges that he planned to blow up a hotel filled with Americans and Israelis on New Year’s Eve in 2000.

Yes, but the York PC Police, Diversity Division, still prefers that its chaplains have ties to Mohammed Jamal Khalifa rather than to Pamela Geller. And that says it all…

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  1. “The true meaning of ‘diversity’ and ‘interfaith-dialogue’. Strange that it always favours Islam, doesn’t it?”

    Exactly. That is why Veerappan needs to be investigated now. Every project he was involved with in the name of York police needs to be dissected and analyzed by an internal affairs department. He has demonstrated that he is not open to diversity and puts his own personal beliefs before that of a varied community.

    If he has threatened once he has done it multiple times before. Clearly, he is comfortable that there would not be blow back.

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