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Swiss towns block illegals from Public assets. Opponents cry “racist”

Switzerland’s share of asylum-seekers is well above the European average.-BBC via Vlad Tepes

Muselmaniacs massacre 450 Kurds in Syria, including 120 kids (H/T Vlad)

3.  Ayuub Mohammed was sentenced to five years in a young offender’s institute for holding up two London hotels

 First Eid for converts (Fiji Times)

Islam clergy and Pesh Imam of Masjid-Al-Haqq in Milverton Rd Sheikh Shafiqur Rahman Khan with his newly converted followers who will celebrate Eid at Raiwaqa.

“Uncorked Animals”

The real crime is of course not throwing rocks or burning cars; the crime is to call fanatical Islamic headbangers’uncorked animals” (PuffHo)

The bad Mike Huckabee open line (Arkansas Times)

Headlines and love offerings result. Fox News host Mike Huckabee recently asserted that Muslims spend their holy day by praying at the Mosque and then acting “like uncorked animals.”

Australian candidate calls Islam a ‘country’ (UPI)

An anti-immigration candidate for the Australian Parliament referred to Islam as a “country” and said “Jews follow Jesus Christ .”

Breaking the Fast with World’s Tastiest Treats (The Skanner)

Editor’s note: Aktar Islam is one of Britain’s premier chefs, specializing in South Asian cuisine.

In Egypt, Eid Brings Bitter, Sweets (Voice of America)

After the biscuits cool, women fill boxes which they distribute among protesters and neighbors that support their cause.

Tashded Nails The Sura (New Haven Independent)

Five-year-old Tashded Uddin not only made his teacher proud with a mellifluous recital of Sura Al Ala , he won free pizza pies for demonstrating his newfound Arabic skills on the last night of Ramadan.

Islamic “Science” and Other Nonsense (Free Republic)

The video that you can see by clicking on the link just below this post title is that of a BBC lynch mob against Tommy Robinson of the English Defence League, during the programme called – a misnomer – FreeSpeech on BBC3.

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Muslim prayers in Northampton park to celebrate end of Ramadan (Northampton Today)

Muslims will be celebrating the end of Ramadan with prayers and a community day on the Racecourse in Northampton today.

State Dept. creates Office for Religious Engagement (Voice of America)

 The new office is the outgrowth of an initiative by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who said it was important to engage foreign religious groups …

Workman: Pro-Islam History Textbook Offensive (News Max)

A textbook with a pro-Islam bias used in Advanced Placement history classes in Florida schools is “bigoted because this book only wanted to not offend one particular group,” State Rep. Ritch Workman tells Newsmax TV …


What’s the difference between British PM David Camoron and Shahid Malik?

Little if any. Both want to see Britain under Islam.

Both want to see a Britain under Islam:


David Camoron:


The Prime Minister “wants Muslims to lead Government, the British Army” and dislikes “seeing white Christian faces”. Watch and share the only film on the internet which exposes the leader of the Conservative Party in details never before shown, the most shocking sixteen minute movie on the islamification of Britain.

Abbott a ‘sworn enemy of the people of Australia?’

OPPOSITION Leader Tony Abbot brown nosed Muslims by declaring himself  to be “a sworn enemy of the people that seek to divide the community along racial or cultural lines.”

Mr Abbott should know that it is not for him to decide. Allah has already divided the world in two camps: believer and unbeliever.


Yesterday Australia’s recycled PM  KRudd offered Muslims 2.5 million for their support. Shortly afterwards Abbott, the leader of the opposition, launched an appeal to Muslim voters in western Sydney.


If pandering to Muslims, the Greens or any other anti-social, subversive groups is necessary to govern Australia, if undesirables get to decide who governs us,  if Islam gets to influence the direction our future, then we don’t have one.

Political prostitutes are selling the birthright of our kids.

There is something fundamentally wrong with our election system if it allows the economically non-contributing tribes, zealots, ideologues and  mental flat liners  to decide who rules over us.We seriously need a game changer, because to continue sliding down the slippery slopes of multiculturalism will take us straight to the scrapheap of history.

Here’s what the media reported:

OPPOSITION Leader Tony Abbott has kicked off his campaign to become Prime Minister of Australia with an appeal to the country’s Islamic community, declaring himself to be a “sworn enemy” of the people that sought to divide the community along racial or cultural lines.

Here is the article.

Well, look no further, Mr Abbott: its all in the teachings of Koran, sira and hadith. Its all in the mental baggage of Muslims who arrive here to replace our culture, our civilisation, our laws and anything that doesn’t conform to Islam. That includes us.

The Great Divide:

the world is divided

If you are looking for enemies, Mr Abbott, look no further than the  hundreds of thousands of muslims that have settled here, behind what they perceive to be enemy lines. Look no further than  their track record;  their complete and utter failure to integrate, their total rejection to become Australians ,their endless demands, the spiralling crime and to their all out efforts to make Australia Islamic;  and their obvious, implacable hostility to our Judeo-Christian culture which they seek to destroy by all and any means.

Nobody looks good with brown lipstick on,  Mr Abbott: no politician should lower himself to pandering to the most subversive groups in the country, especially not to  the representatives of the largest criminal organisation in the world.

And then you should ask yourself, Mr Abbott, what we have in common with these cultists, who appear to have crawled straight out of the 7th century.

Do you agree with Sharia, polygamy, child-marriage, FGM, stoning of adulterous women, flogging for drinking alcohol, hijabs, burqas, niqabs, wife-beatings, murder of blasphemers and targeted assassinations of all those who mock the prophet of Islam?

If you do, Mr Abbott, it is you who is in the enemy camp. It is you who is a sworn enemy of the people of Australia.

 The Sydney Moonbat Herald has more:

The pictures with the Islamic clergy are strangely missing from the report.

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The Boats Keep Coming!

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Two more boats

And still the boats keep coming:

TWO groups including sixteen Sri Lankan asylum seekers reached Christmas Island today after a long journey at sea…

Nauru agrees to settle a handful of boat people

KRudd offers $29 million in aid to get Nauru to agree today to “resettle” refugees that we send there.

Nauru’s population: 9400.

How many refugees will it take? A hundred?

Why this smokescreen?

There will be no surplus under a government Rudd leads

You can take that to the bank.

Why is Rudd building detention centres in Australia if he’s sending all boat people to PNG?

There you go:

More than 400 families will give refugees a home on Coast

“The Sunshine Coast has been one of the most successful areas in terms of placements”. 

Yowza, yowza, yowza!

Some of them have  adult daughters who became inspired after last year watching the provocative S BS series Go Back to Where You Came From.

The soldiers of  of allah can’t wait to show them where they come from.

Labor’s BS propaganda works for bleeding hearts. These people don’t read WoJ. There are tragedies in the making.

In other news:

Tim Blair has  proof  that the world’s climate has been constantly warming ever since the death of Mohammed:


US scientists found that even small changes in temperature or rainfall correlated with a rise in assaults, rapes and murders, as well as group conflicts and war.

No shiite.

Sheik yer’mami needs a break

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In other news:

U.S. Shuts All Embassies in Muslim Countries

Not to worry, we all know that Islam is a Religion of Peace:

WASHINGTON (AP) — The United States is shuttering its embassies and consulates throughout the Muslim world on Sunday after receiving an unspecified threat, officials said.

Obama sets up “Truth Team” to dispel lies about Obama agenda

Sounds very Islamic to me.

OFA Asks Obamabots To Join The “Truth Team” To Help Dispel “Lies” About Obama’s Agenda… WZ


New Benghazi Details Revealed in Bombshell CNN Report: ‘Unprecedented’ Effort Underway to Keep Secrets From Leaking


  • “You have no idea the amount of pressure being brought to bear on anyone with knowledge of this operation.”–Read More »

Devout Muslim Fort Hood jihad mass murderer Nidal Hasan renounces U.S. citizenship  (Pamela Geller)

He didn’t renounce his salary package. Believe it or not, the SOB is still getting his salary as a cornel in the U.S. Army.

His allegiance now is to the global umma. How many other citizens of the global umma do we have in our midst and in our military? And since he did this on October 18, 2012, why are we only hearing about it now?

Fort Hood jihad mass murderer Nidal Hasan renounces U.S. citizenship Jihadwatch August 1, 2013


His loyalty is and always has been to the umma, the global Muslim community. How many perpetrators of “workplace violence” renounce their U.S. citizenship in the lead-up to their trial? How long is the U.S. government’s self-defeating charade of denial of the reality of jihad and Islamic supremacism going to continue?

“Nidal Hasan, Fort Hood Shooting Suspect, Renounces Citizenship,” from the Associated Press, August 1

Jew-hatin’ Obama appointee Samantha Powers gets UN seat:

The Private Parts of Muhammad

Thanks to CrossMuslims

Mr Ali Ghorawi, one of the best scholars at the Hawza (Shia muslim institute) said: “The private parts of the Prophet (peace be upon him) must go to hell because he had sexual intercourse with some polytheist women.”

In other news:

“Colonial Croissants Verboten”


Al Arabiya

A sharia committee in a rebel-held area of Aleppo issued a fatwa deeming croissants ‘haram’ (forbidden in Islamic law) because of their “colonial” significance, pan-Arab daily Asharq al-Awsat reported on Tuesday.

“Phoney Scandals”, Anyone?



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