WTF Foundation Says “Who Cares?”

Melanie Phillips:

 Mass murder and moral blindness

Mr Cameron’s mistake is to articulate the absurd non-sequitur parroted by so many in the British ruling class: that because many Muslims do not endorse Islamic terrorism, ergo such terrorism is not truly perpetrated in the name of Islam.

Douglas Murray: 

No, Mr Cameron. The Kenyan massacre is all about Islamism

No, Douglas: its not “Islamism” either. Its Islam, nothing but Islam.

I can see why politicians like David Cameron want to make sure that nobody blames Muslims as a whole for attacks like this. But telling the lie that such attacks have nothing whatsoever to do with Islam does no good at all. It lets the extremists off the hook and infuriates everybody else who end up wondering why the Prime Minister cannot see what everybody else can see.
As I have said often in response to this ‘noble lie’, the only way that Islam is going to get through its current problems is if followers of the religion realise that they have to actively confront the problem. Each provision of an opt-out and excuse delays the day when the religion properly confronts itself and makes the claims of the jihadis a wholly impermissible — instead of plausible and sometimes permissible — response to the religion in whose name they act.

Hamas-linked CAIR on possibility that U.S. Muslims participated in Kenya jihad mass murders: “Who cares?”

Hamas-linked CAIR’s Ibrahim “Honest Ibe” Hooper may have adopted this cavalier attitude, reminiscent of Hillary Clinton’s answer to the question of whether Benghazi was a terror attack, in order to deflect attention away from the charge that Hamas-linked CAIR obstructed attempts to stop al-Shabaab from recruiting for jihad in U.S. mosques.

“Muslim group: ‘Who cares’ if US terrorists in Kenya mall siege,” by S.A. Miller for theNew York Post, September 24 (thank to Jerk Chicken):

WASHINGTON – One of the most prominent and controversial Muslim-American advocacy groups says “who cares” if American jihadists were involved in the murderous terror attack on a shopping mall in Kenya.

In case you missed it:

Would you trust the WTF foundation?

CAIR Gets a Name Change

You have to hand it to the Hamas front group CAIR, which is to Islamic terrorists what the ACLU is to their left-wing allies — unlike most jihadists, they have a sense of humor:

[T]he terrorist-sponsoring Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation Trial, FBI “consultants” and promoters of Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood BFFs, just changed their name to the Washington Trust Foundation.

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One thought on “WTF Foundation Says “Who Cares?””

  1. Let’s be honest.

    They were not and never were Americans.

    Just parasites who lucked out and got a free ride and blew the greatest opportunity ever handed to them.

    But, I have to give them a nod of thanks. Congrats. You just woke up more people around the world and within America who never even new you were there. That the American government were mistakenly letting in large swathes of uneducated Muslim peasants.

    A round of applause, more people are now awake to the wickedness of Islam.


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