“Suicide bomber blows himself up outside hotel in Tunisian resort town”

Visit exiting Tunisia!

Al BeBeeCeera fears the “revolution is in danger”.

Jihad-martyrdom suicide bomber blows himself up in front of resort hotel

That’ll work miracles for tourism. Its just like throwing another shrimp on the barbie!

This was Tunisia’s first jihad-martyrdom suicide bombing — more fruit of the glorious democratic “Arab Spring.”

“Suicide bomber blows himself up outside hotel in Tunisian resort town, casualties unknown,” from the Associated Press, October 30 (thanks to JW):


TUNIS, Tunisia – The official Tunisian news agency says a man has blown himself up in front of a hotel in a Mediterranean resort town.The TAP news agency says the man, wearing a belt of explosives, was killed. It was not clear if other people were hurt or killed in the explosion in the town of Sousse, about 90 miles (150 kilometers) south of the capital, Tunis. Sousse is a frequent destination for tourists….


500,000 depressed people in Tunisia

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England’s Idiot prince at Islamic forum: Syria conflict caused by”climate change”

Charles warns of climate change at Islamic forum

 “Syria graphic example of climate change”


“The tragic conflict in Syria provides a terrifyingly graphic example, where a severe drought for the last seven years has decimated Syria’s rural economy. Driving many farmers off their fields and into cities where, already, food was in short supply.

“This depletion of natural capital, inexplicably, little reported in the media, was a significant contributor to the social tension that exploded with such desperate results.”


In other news:

“Me too”, says Boris

I’m the first London Mayor of ‘Muslim extraction’, Boris Johnson boasts as he pleads for Arab investment in the capital

  • Mayor urges Ninth World Islamic Economic Forum to back London
  • Tells story of great-great-grandfather who made his money in beeswax
  • Joked that it all went wrong when an American invented the lightbulb
  • Announces £100million fund to attract tech start-ups from Muslim world


Windy monuments to the warmist folly

Terry McCrann:

I STILL have a dream. Of that one day when we start pulling down all the utterly useless, landscape-blighting, bird-killing, people-punishing, so-called wind farms.

Climate Change Authority exposed: even more pain for no gain

Terry McCrann destroys the latest report of the Climate Change Authority – one the Fairfax press deceptively presented as the work of sensible people from “across the spectrum”

How Fairfax gives the Climate Change Authority a green-wash

It took O’Reilly five years to figure that out:

Bill O’Reilly Compares Obama Policies to Communist Cuban Regime (Video)

“Liberals want certain things such as low cost health care for everybody. But they don’t calibrate the unintended consequences of what they espouse. For example, imposing social justice, a big Obama theme, means somebody’s going to have to pay for it. If you go to Cuba you’ll see most people are destitute because the government has taken everything from them in order to level the playing field.We’ll all be poor together.”

“60 Minutes” Finally Reveals it:

Workers object to socialists

Socialists are meant to represent the workers. But yesterday’s violent protest by students egged on by socialist groups reveal a split.

“Peer reviewed”- (deniers will be re-educated…)

Kerry ‘Amazed’ That Some Americans Still Don’t Grasp Urgency of Global Warming - 

“…we have people, even in the United States Senate, who stand up and deny. So we have work to do and we have to undertake to try to do whatever we can – without legislation, if that’s what it takes – through executive authority, through our own decisions, to try to make the choices that will make a difference in this.” –

Eurabia, Eurasia and Islamerica aren’t the future. They’re multicultural roadmaps to national suicide.

Islamerica, Eurabia and Eurasia

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On October 30, 2013  In Daily Mailer,FrontPage


Obama has claimed that the United States is “one of the largest Muslim countries in the world.” While the actual number of Muslims is in dispute, Islamerica is no match for Eurabia or Eurasia.

Europe has 44 million Muslims. If Turkey crawls into the European Union, that number will climb to 118 million. That’s more than double the number of Latinos in America.

If Obama decided to take in all of Syria and Somalia, just to be extra generous, his Islamerica still wouldn’t have a hope in hell of catching up to Eurabia or to the Eurasian Union.

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About Time: notorious Jew-hater Jake Lynch faces lawsuit over BDS racket

Jake Lynch and  “The Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies” (CPACs) has been a continual embarrassment to the University of Sydney.


Associate Professor Jake Lynch at Sydney University’s  Centre for Peace and Conflict recently rejected an offer of co-operative civics research from a professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem because the CPC supports BDS, including boycotting Israeli academics.

The notorious Jew-hater Jake Lynch has been featured on this website quite a few times already.  Sydney University’s  Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies is a far left  front for the NWO, which includes the dismantling of nation states and the elimination of Israel.



THE emotive controversy over whether the boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign against Israel is racist and discriminatory will be tested in the Federal Court after an Israeli organisation launched a landmark legal suit.

Shurat HaDin, an Israeli law centre, has filed papers with the court against Jake Lynch, the director of the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies at Sydney University, over his support for BDS.

Professor Stuart Rees and Professor Peter SlezakProfessor Stuart Rees of the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, and professor of philosophy at the University of NSW Peter Slezak. Picture: Sam Mooy Source:  TheAustralian

Trojan Horse

The Camp of the Saints and the Golden Dawn

By Fjordman (via Gates of Vienna)

The Camp of the Saints is a dystopian novel written by the French author Jean Raspail. Although it was first published as long ago as 1973, the author is still alive today. Now 88 years old, his brain remains remarkably sharp for a man his age.

Raspail has published many books, but the one for which he will be chiefly remembered is ironically his most atypical one. Over forty years ago, The Camp of the Saints predicted a Third World mass invasion of Europe, causing the downfall of Western civilization. This process was compressed in time so that what might take fifty years in real life took fifty days in the book. Also, the main bulk of illegal immigrants in the novel came from India. Today, while immigration to Europe comes from every corner of the planet, much of it comes from the Islamic world and Africa.

Apart from that, the novel was remarkably prescient in describing the dysfunctional mindset of the modern Western world. We have become so wedded to unsustainable humanitarian ideals that we are mentally incapable of defending our own continued national existence. When faced with millions of people coming from the global South, we simply raise a white flag and say that they are welcome to colonize our countries.

Or at least, that’s what our leaders and mass media do. Some of the natives are finally and belatedly starting to get restless about their state-approved ethnic displacement. Is this European awakening coming too late, or does it happen at the very last moment? Only time will tell. Jean Raspail was pessimistic on behalf of his native France in a new interview with him made in 2013.

In the generations that have passed since its original publication, The Camp of the Saints is no longer just a novel; it has now become actual reality in Europe. Hordes of illegal immigrants are entering the continent, sometimes by boat as in the novel, sometimes by other means.

In May 2011, I went for a trip to northern Italy. When visiting Pisa in magnificent Tuscany, I was greeted by sub-Saharan Africans selling Chinese-made authentic Italian souvenirs in the streets. Globalization is wonderful. I doubt all of these immigrants were in Italy and the EU legally.

For the first time in recorded history, the continent of Africa now has a larger population than the continent of Europe. What’s more, the already unsustainable African population is set to double in the coming two generations.

Africa is on the move, and it’s moving north. The Middle East and regions further east in Asia have already seen a growing influx of Africans. I visited Tel Aviv, Israel, in early 2013, for the first time in ten years. In just one decade, I saw many more Africans there than before. Obviously, Israel has some Ethiopian Jews, but Ethiopians have a distinct look. The ones I saw this time were often not Ethiopians. They were sub-Saharan Africans on the move out of Africa.

Ultimately, the intended destination for many of them is no doubt Europe, the promised land of milk and honey. The only response European political elites and the EU have to this is that it is “shameful” for Europe if foreigners trying to illegally enter and colonize Europe run intoaccidents along the way.

Meanwhile, the few people of European descent still left in Africa — mainly white South Africans — are being systematically wiped out in the most brutal manner possible. Africans wipe out the few Europeans in Africa, and then promptly follow them to Europe. Africa for Africans, and Europe for Africans, too.

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Fear of Returning Head Choppers from Syria, and the Daughters of the Jihad Death Cult

Labor MP Michael Danby calls for debate on Australians fighting in Syria conflict

Michael Danby says there should be a debate about Australian citizens fighting in the Syrian civil war. Up to 200 Australians are thought to be fighting in Syria. He is concerned they might bring their “so-called skills” back to Australia.

What’s there to debate? They need to be stripped of citizenship and returned to the Islamic hellhole of their choice, asap.

Scott Morrison flags block on Australians returning home after fighting in Syria

“by far the largest number” means Australia has by far the most radical headbangers behind what they consider to be enemy lines….. 4757462-3x2-940x627

Robert Spencer in PJ Lifestyle: Daughters of the Jihad Death Cult

Nothing says “I’m just not that into you” quite like giving your wife a suicide vest. My latest in PJ Lifestyle:

Last Monday in the Russian city of Volgograd, a 30-year-old woman from Dagestan named Naida Akhiyalova boarded a bus. Akhiyalova, a convert to Islam, soon afterward exploded a jihad-martyrdom suicide bomb vest, killing herself, murdering six other people, and injuring over 30 more. The vest, as it turned out,was a gift from Akhiyalova’s 22-year-old husband, Dmitry Sokolov, himself also a convert to Islam.– There is more.

Obama, a ‘deliberate, flagrant liar’

NSA Explodes At Obama: He Ordered Spying, Not Us; Now He’s Trying To Throw Us Under The Bus

WASHINGTON — The White House and State Department signed off on surveillance targeting phone conversations of friendly foreign leaders, current and former U.S. intelligence officials said Monday, pushing back against assertions that President Obama and his aides were unaware of the high-level eavesdropping.


Unreal… Obama on Sandy Anniversary: “We Take Care of Our Own… We Leave No One Behind”

Posted by Jim Hoft on Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The gall of this man!
Barack Obama released the following statement today on the anniversary of Hurricane Sandy.
Via The White House:

That’s who we are as Americans – we take care of our own. We leave nobody behind. And as long as our fellow Americans continue to travel the long and sometimes difficult road to recovery, their country will stay with them every step of the way

Except, of course, if you’re trapped inside a burning consulate in the Middle East.
white house benghaziThen you’re on your own.

Pat Dollard links:

Obama worshipers call him ‘liar’

Oh noes, even Maher:

What did you expect from a Marxist Muslim impostor?

Gimme a break:

Nasty, vindictive and dangerous:

Spiccoli deranged:

Whatever it takes:

9 terror suspects hunted after suicide attack by Uygurs in Beijing

Agencies and Eddie Luk

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A nationwide manhunt is underway for nine people from Xinjiang after Monday’s suicide attack in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square.This comes as reports emerged that police fired two shots at a jeep that plowed into a crowd before bursting into flames, killing the driver and two passengers.

Two visitors to the square were also killed, and 38 people injured.

Beijing police said two of the three who died in the jeep came from the restive far western province of Xinjiang.

The jeep’s tank was full of petrol, which led police to believe the incident was a suicide attack, sources told Reuters. However, there has been no official confirmation.

Eight of the nine on the wanted list are Uygurs, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing a notice given to hotel operators by police yesterday.

They come from several regions in Xinjiang, including Pishan and Shanshan.

A government spokesman in Xinjiang confirmed that officials there are working with Beijing police.

In another notice given to hotels, police identified two suspects and four car number plates, all from Xinjiang.

Police suspect it was an attack by Xinjiang independence supporters. US- based Chinese human rights portal Boxun said the two suspects were Uygurs who had submitted petitions to the authorities in the past.

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Abbott Weasels Out

Abbott dodges debate on Muslim integration

This is shameful and cowardly. We all expected more, much more from  this new PM who’s been getting quite a few things right. The way he dodges the Muslim issue is embarrassing. He should be getting heat for this. But don’t expect the Islamophile journaillie to do their job, they won’t.

Here it is, again:

Labor MP Michael Danby calls for debate on Australians fighting in Syria conflict.

Scott Morrison flags block on Australians returning home after fighting in Syria

Camoron’s Coming Sharia Finance Disaster

Just because something has failed wherever its been tried doesn’t mean that it must not be forced on Britain once more. But apart from the hyperbole,  Cameron needs to remember he was elected to serve the British people, rather than sell them out to Saudi Arabia.

Save the world with this?

The U.K. aims to become the “unrivaled center for Islamic Finance” in the West.

by Jerry Gordon

We wonder who are the Shariah experts that will advise the London Stock Exchange in developing the index of compliance with alleged Islamic business practice?  And how much of a split of the profits in these Sukuk issues goes to fund Zakat, Muslim charity, one purpose of which is to follow the way of Allah, Jihad?

The Brits are doomed, because once started there is no stopping, including creeping Sharia in the Offices of their Governments.

They will be all eating halal meat within a year.

Come and Live in the Islamic Kingdom of Britain: Open Letter to My Brothers and Sisters

I can allay any fears about having to dilute Islam to fit into British culture because it works the other way around here. Immigration suits the immigrants, not the home nation in Britain’s case. We can impose our religion and culture upon the Brits, and the vile ‘People of the Book’, the Christians and the wretched Jews, have to hide their religions so not to offend us Muslims and pander to Islam’s every need.


Cameron to launch first ‘sukuk’ Islamic bonds outside Muslim world as London stock exchange woos Muslim investors   (Vlad Tepes)

David Cameron:

“I want London to stand alongside Dubai as one of the great capitals of Islamic finance anywhere in the world”

Britain’s eager and active engagement with Sharia finance will make it ever more difficult for it to resist imposition of other aspects of Sharia.

An update on this story. “London aims to ‘stand alongside Dubai’ as Islamic finance hub,” from Al Arabiya, October 29 (thanks to JW):

The British Prime Minister David Cameron wants London to ‘stand alongside Dubai’ as an Islamic finance hub, and is today expected to launch two initiatives to tap into the burgeoning sector.
An Islamic Market Index is set to be launched on the London Stock Exchange, while Britain is to become the first country outside the Muslim world to launch a sukuk, or Islamic bond, AFP reported.“I don’t just want London to be a great capital of Islamic finance in the Western world,” Cameron is due to say today, according to the Associated Press. “I want London to stand alongside Dubai as one of the great capitals of Islamic finance anywhere in the World.”

 Hold your horses!

Islamic Finance Can Save the World

By Leonid Bershidsky for Bloomberg, who seems to be heavily invested in this racket.

The U.K. government’s decision to issue a sukuk — a bond that complies with Islamic Sharia law — raises an interesting question: What if the U.K. and other non-Muslim countries switched fully to Islamic principles in finance?

I think the world might be a better place.

Really? We don’t.  We think Leonid Bershidsky doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Why Britain’s Islamic Finance Industry Flopped


Which world is sharia banking saving?  Ours or the Muslim world?

“A Guide to Sukuk”


“For the past 2 years or so, we have noted that Islamic bonds, properly known as ‘sukuk,’ have become the financial weapon of choice for Islamic imperialism.

“Here is how that works:

• As we know from historical records and contemporary statements from Islamic leaders, the purpose of Shariah Finance/Islamic economics is to promote Shariah itself.

• Islamic imperialists are now using the credit markets to force Shariah-compliance worldwide, not just among and between Muslims.”

A critical assessment of the situation 6 months ago:-