“Allah and His Prophets should be Protected from Insult”

Top debate spot for Muslim hardliner

Don’t know what AMP comes into this, but “our” ABC and al BeBeeCeera have long been in the tank for the Islamic expansion project.

EAN HIGGINS /From: The Australian (thanks to Mullah pbuh)

A RESPECTED ethics centre will next week provide a coveted speaking platform to the spokesman for Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir, who has called Australian Diggers in Afghanistan “fair game” whom Muslims had an obligation to attack. The event will be sponsored by AMP, and recorded by the ABC. It will also be broadcast by the BBC.

The event will be sponsored by AMP, and recorded by the ABC. It will also be broadcast by the BBC.

Yet another wankfest organised by a bunch of useful idiots.

SafariScreenSnapz084Uthman Badar, who will take part in the IQ Squared debate put on by the St James Ethics Centre in Sydney, has also called on Muslim Australians to boycott Anzac Day because it celebrates British colonialist attempts to seize Muslim land from the Ottoman Empire.

(Muslim grievances and demands are limitless, Uthman will rattle them off like the pro he is…..)

Mr Badar is the highly vocal media spokesman in Australia for Hizb ut-Tahrir, which rejects Western democratic values and calls for an Islamic caliphate to rule Muslims around the world. The organisation is banned in some countries.

Hizb ut-Tahrir should be banned in Australia and all its members arrested.  Australia should revoke their  citizenship and ship them back to islamistan. But our politprops haven’t got the cojones….

The topic of Thursday’s debate is “God and His Prophets should be Protected from Insult”, and the ethics centre invited Mr Badar to be one of the speakers presenting the case in favour.

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“Muslims have only four mosques in Moscow — obviously that’s not enough. … We deserve more respect.”

I’m totally baffled.

I cannot think of one reason why Muslims would ‘deserve respect’.

Wouldn’t you just be as puzzled if the Hindus, the Buddhists, the Christians, the Jews and the Mormons all came out demanding more churches, temples or synagogues? How come they can look after themselves and we find them all pretty respectable but they never demand our respect?

Along comes the least deserving, the savages from the ‘religion of peace’  and demand   “more respect.”

628x471There are so few mosques in Moscow to serve the city’s growing Muslim community that worshippers are forced to pray outside at the central Sobornaya Mosque.

Russia has a Muslim dilemma: Ethnic Russians hostile to Muslims

Not. Muslims are hostile to ethnic Russians, just like they are hostile to all non muslims everywhere in the world. The picture below tells a story on how to deal with the soldiers of allah, if you don’t know it you should read it. 


Followers of Islam say they have been citizens a long time  (Citizens? Perhaps. But having no intention to integrate or assimilate  does not make them Russians. They are religiously obliged to  make Russia Islamic. And that’s not what Russia wants.)

Fortunately, Putin gets it:

For God’s Sake, Listen to Him!

Below is an excerpt from a speech given by Russian President Vladimir Putin last month at the Valdai International Discussion Club. Regardless of what one thinks of Russia or Mr. Putin, his words are apropos and well worth listening to.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Here are comments

A relevant comment posted at Vlad’s place:

Well, he ought to know. Vladimir Putin used to be the head of the KGB, didn’t he? I’ll bet he knows exactly how Western civilization got so ****ed up, doesn’t he, and I’ll bet he even knows the names of the KGB agents who did it to us. I’ll bet he knows exactly how guys like Howard Zinn and Norman Finkelstein and Gloria Steinem and Noam Chomsky got to be so such household names in the very countries they worked so tirelessly to undermine.

But, in a funny way, doesn’t that make listening to what he says to his own people all that much more germane? Who, but one of the guys who created this politically correct nightmare would know how dangerous it is and how much it should be avoided? He’s telling his own people not to eat the poison meat that he personally put out for the enemy the night before. For God’s sake, listen to him!

Transcript:  Continue reading →

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The Jewish State is determined to show that they are the biggest ‘dhimmis’ of all….

Tel Aviv blocks anti-Jihad websites

Full post below the fold!


Islamist rebels  Allahu akbaring Muslim Savages besieged two Christian villages in Syria, killing around 13 people and forcing thousands of families to evacuate their homes.  Around 13 people were killed, with many more wounded, and while many fled, thousands were held as a human shield.

Once great Britain is trying to outdo  da Jooozzz in dhimmitude:

British Red Cross bans Christmas so as not to ‘offend’ Muslims 

Christmas has been banned by the Red Cross from its 430 fund- raising shops. Staff have been ordered to take down decorations and to remove any other signs of the Christian festival because ….

A Swedish imam has smuggled large quantities of weapons to rebels in Syria, a crime punishable by up to four years in prison.

You may giggle or laugh out loud:

“We’ve purchased two boatloads of milk from Libya,” the “Swedish imam” said.

Sources told Sveriges Radio (SR) that the Syrian-born man was one of the rebels’ key weapons suppliers and that he had been bringing arms into the civil war-torn country for the last 18 months.

In other news:

You would never hear it from our lame stream media:

Arabic newspaper names names…

Ted Cruz’s father: Send Obama ‘back to Kenya’

Comment sends leftist palace eunuchs into frenzy

Hussein Obama’s links to Kenya run deep in his family history.


Obama’s wife, Michelle, in fact, called her husband “a Kenyan” and referred to “his home country in Kenya.” Kenyans also have referred to Obama as “a fellow Kenyan” and a “son of the soil of this country.”

Before Obama was elected, it was fairly common to find references in the media to the former Illinois senator as born in Kenya.

The Kenyan government, as well, in 2009 commissioned a cultural museum in Kenya to “honour the birthplace of President Obama.”

Even Obama’s own literary agency billed him as “born in Kenya” as late as 2007 to promote the sale of his book “Dreams from My Father.”

Read more @ WND

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Iranian boat people looking for “a better life” find Australia “unfair”

Australia is unfair, Iranian asylum shoppers say

“It’s really not fair (that Australia changed the law) because we were on a boat [for three days]. We both are educated and we are just escaping from our country to make a better life,” he said.

The couple said they cannot go back to Iran and they do not know what they will do when they are sent to Nauru or Manus Island.  The man said he suffers from epilepsy exacerbated by stress in detention.

Of course the ABC  is not concerned about the stress these illegal Muslim entrants are putting on the Australian taxpayers.

If you come by boat

 Western Australia Passes Law Against Burqa


  • Parliament passes Bill to help police identification processes
  • Face coverings required to be removed to enable identification

“This amendment stems from a New South Wales case where a woman wearing a burqa was not able to be identified as being a person who made a false report to police,” acting Police Minister John Day said. (Mullah)

Inside Jerusalem’s university of freedom

JOHN LYONS, From: The Australian

Inside Jerusalem’s university of freedom

ON a hilltop overlooking Jerusalem, three men gather in a mosque for prayers. Once they have taken off their shoes and gathered behind each other, they turn to Mecca and one gives the cry “Allahu Akbar!” – God is great. (Not. It means allah is greater.)


Such scenes take place every evening around Jerusalem but there’s something different about this mosque – it’s in the middle of Hebrew University. The mosque has been set up in one of the university’s bomb shelters.

(Still waiting for an Islamic country to include a synagogue in their universities.)

About 30m away is the Hecht synagogue.

Those wanting to question Hebrew University’s tolerance credentials as part of the boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign, such as Sydney University academics Jake Lynch and Stuart Rees, have picked the wrong target.

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How Historic Revisionism Justifies Islamic Terrorism

Raymond Ibrahim

How important, really, is history to current affairs?  Do events from the 7th century—or, more importantly, how we understand them—have any influence on U.S. foreign policy today?

By way of answer, consider some parallels between academia’s portrayal of the historic Islamic jihads and the U.S. government’s and media’s portrayal of contemporary Islamic jihads.

“Muslim freedom fighters” accompanies this picture appearing on a UK Standard report on Syria, rehashing an old but false motif

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ASIO discovers way more than a ‘tiny minority of excremists’ in ….Australia!

Why on earth did we let in this danger?

Andrew Bolt

A more restrictive immigration program would not have exposed us to the utterly avoidable danger spelled out in ASIO’s latest report:

This year ASIO: 

investigated several hundred mostly Australia-based individuals who are advocates of a violent Islamist ideology;managed the security threat posed by individuals working with al-Qa‘ida affiliated groups…

Throughout 2012–13, Australia’s security environment continued to evolve, with the terrorism threat posed by traditional extremist networks and groups being compounded by the threat from self-radicalising lone actors..

In Australia, there are individuals and small groups who believe an attack here is justified. Issues such as Australia’s military deployments over the last decade, the Syrian conflict, or a belief that the ideals
of Australia are in direct conflict with their extreme interpretation of Islam, fuel the radical views of this cohort….

The Syrian conflict has resonated strongly in Australia and is likely to have a lasting impact on Australia’s security environment for the foreseeable future.

Several hundred” advocates of “a violent Islamist ideology”? Most of them in Australia?

Not exactly the “tiny minority” that apologists claim. Who the hell let them in?

(Via Michael Smith.)

How did such a person with such an excuse emerge among us?

Andrew Bolt


He was one of the Muslims who rioted in Sydney against an American YouTube film Innocence of Muslims:

Omar Halaby, 18, pleaded guilty in the same court to smashing the windscreen of a police vehicle with a milk crate.

For some bizarre reason, we’d been paying this man a disability pension since he was just 16:

HE has no trouble smashing police car windscreens with milk crates but it seems Muslim rioter Omar Halaby is not fit to work, receiving a $200-a-fortnight disability support pension.

sharia in Australia

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Black Mob Violence

Black Mob Violence and Denial

Don’t ask the media for the truth — ask a cop– by   (full post below the fold)

There is no fun in Obamastan:


Costume Triggers Diversity Training

A Kentucky medical center is mandating all of their employees complete diversity training after a man came dressed to an annual costume party wearing a mask depicting President Hussein Barack Obama in what appears to be a straight jacket.

Pentagon Manual: White Males Have Unfair Advantages

But now, under the Moonbat Messiah, it will all be fixed. Just like they did in South Africa and in Zimbabwe.

A controversial 600-plus page manual used by the military to train its Equal Opportunity officers teaches that “healthy, white, heterosexual, Christian” men hold an unfair advantage over other races, and warns in great detail about a so-called “White Male Club.”–FOX News reported, via GWP


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What Japan Should Not Do

Japanese gov”t to support halal food exports to Muslim countries

Muslim con artists keep hammering home the message that there is a market of 1.5 gazillion consumers out there. They never tell their gullible, western counterparts that 75% of Muslim countries can’t feed themselves and that similar numbers of their people subsist on less than a dollar a day. This is yet another effort to get Japan to import hardcore muselmaniacs for the halal certification racket, who will then demand moques, madrases and special accommodation for the “rapidly growing muslim community”, which we have seen elsewhere.

World News

TOKYO, Oct 31 (KUNA) — The Japanese government plans to step up support for exports of agricultural products by subsidizing the construction of facilities that meet the religious rules of Muslim countries in the Middle East and Asia, where Japanese foods are becoming more popular, a top-selling business daily here reported Thursday.