OIC lackey Ban Ki Moonbat Urges ‘Restraint’ following Lebanon rocket attack on Israel


United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon called for restraint following a rocket attack and retaliatory shelling along the Lebanese-Israeli border.

506525101001192640360noUNIFIL officer inspects rockets in Lebanon (Photo: Reuters)

“The Secretary-General urges all actors to exercise maximum restraint and prevent further incidents with destabilizing and escalatory potential in the region.”

Hate Speech Shysters Terrified of Free Speech

Speech Police

Attorney-General George Brandis on Tim Wilson, the new freedom commissioner Brandis appointed to the Human Rights Commission, and van Onselen, who just don’t get it…. (Andrew Bolt, continued below….)


Egypt detains Oz journaillie in the service of al Jizz

“Australian officials in Cairo are providing consular assistance,”--  Egyptian authorities say Peter Greste’s employer, Al Jazeera, had broadcast news damaging to national security.(Twitter: @PeterGreste)

Wally can’t count 

Waleed Aly checks the numbers:

This year, we’ve had three prime ministers, Victoria has had two premiers, the Northern Territory has had two chief ministers (and, while we’re at it, Catholics have had two Popes).


We’ve also had nearly 15,500 people killed by Islamic terrorists in more than 8,500 terrorist attacks. But that’s OK, because terrorism is only an “irritant” that “kills relatively few people”.  (Tim Blair)

George Brandis on the enemies of freedom – and of Tim Wilson

Andrew Bolt

More often than not, Wilson has taken a position in opposition to that of the Liberal Party. The list is long, but it includes issues as various as industry assistance, public broadcasting, renewable energy targets, tobacco packaging, industrial relations policy, health insurance, bikie laws and gay marriage, to name but a few.

To describe a person who has been an articulate public opponent of the Liberal Party on so many of the issues which have defined the politics of recent years as a Liberal Party “partisan” seems to me, with all due respect to van Onselen, to be absurd.

I do think van Onselen has been particularly unfair on Wilson. And maybe conservatives have been unfair on Brandis, now revealing himself as a man up for the fight:

But some things never change, like the reaction of the claque of bilious pseudo-intellectuals who constitute what passes for a left-wing commentariat in this country. Mike Carlton, Catherine Deveney, Van Badham and their ilk were nothing if not boorishly predictable.

They and their followers unleashed a storm of hatred and bile against Wilson on social media, the like of which I have never seen. The irony that these people pose as the enemies of “hate speech” was lost on them, if not on others.

I do think that if anything about Wilson’s appointment deserves comment it is the utterly vicious reaction to it by people so terrified of freedom that they unleash the hate speech they claim to condemn.

(Via Catallaxy.)


The Jews, the Jews….

In Turkey, the Jews Own Everything

They even own the  warped minds of Mohammedan headbangers….


Turkey: Erdogan Blames Jews, Foreign Conspiracies as Political Warfare Rocks Country

the Jews even funded  Kemal Ataturk’s secular regime……. (thanks to TT)

“Secular regime in Turkey was founded by Jews… Media organizations(in Turkey) are owned by Jews… We will either ‘save our country’ or we will remain as servants of Jews… ‘Dark alliances’ are trying to set back Turkey by attacking Prime Minister Erdogan… There are certain groups of people who are responsible for every problem in Turkey…”–Turkish Newspaper Takvim, Ergun Diler

Jewish Culture?

Malaysia: Muslim group calls for New Year’s celebrations to be canceled because they reflect Jewish culture

new-years-eve.jpgAs far as Islamic supremacists are concerned, if it is something they hate, it must be Jewish — since the Jews are, according to the Qur’an (5:82), the worst enemies of the Muslims.

“Islamic groups call for NYE to be cancelled,” by Courtney Trenwith forArabianBusiness.com, December 29:

A Malaysian Muslim group has called for New Year’s celebrations to be cancelled because they reflect Jewish culture and will cause Muslim youths to commit sins.

We made him do it!

Turkish PM ErdoÄŸan: Corruption scandal a US-Israel conspiracy

PJ-Erdogan-1.jpgOf course. Who else but the Great Satan and the Little Satan could possibly be behind Recep Tayyip ErdoÄŸan’s troubles? Islamic supremacist conspiracy paranoia update: “ErdoÄŸan: Corruption Scandal a US-Israel Conspiracy,” from Israel National News, December 27:

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip ErdoÄŸan accused Israel and the United States of a conspiracy, Thursday, in connection with a corruption scandal that is undermining his government.

Egypt divided: is Muslim Brotherhood as bad as the Jews, or even worse?

Egypt’s former Mufti Ali Gomaa, considered a moderate, has slammed the Muslim Brotherhood by comparing them to Jews. He said that just as Jews consider themselves to be the Chosen People, so do the members of the Brotherhood think they are better than other Muslims.

But  Ibrahim Abaza, a leader of the Salafists in Egypt, said that the Muslim Brotherhood is even worse than the Jews are. You see, the jews are an external enemy and they don’t influence Muslims to act contrary to their religion, but the Brotherhood is more dangerous to Islam than the Jews becsuse they are tearing Islam aparts from the inside, and contributing ignorance and stupidity and deviation of Islamic doctrine and deviant ideas among the people of Islam.

It feels so important to be the yardstick of evil for 1.5 billion people.

Obama to hand over Christian and Jewish holy sites to Pali terrorists

There is nothing, absolutely nothing new about this; its just that the Obama regime is determined to bow to Arab demands and to take a big dump on Israel on the road to its destruction.

Once again  Barry Soetoro aka HusseinObama is going to push Israel to hand over half of Jerusalem, the Wailing Wall, The Temple Mount, Old Jerusalem, and the tomb of Jesus Christ to the Hamas-Fatah terrorists. (GWP)


US deal will trade off ‘Jewish’ Israel for 1967 lines — The Times of Israel

Pali sources tell Saudi daily that negotiators will need to make tough decisions in coming weeks


The Jihadist Cleansing of Christianity from Muslim Countries

Fox News reported that in Iraq, “Christians are afraid to put up a Christmas tree or other decorations, according to one Christian pastor in Iraq. Such displays of faith in an increasingly extremist nation can bring threats and violence, say human rights groups. Christian churches must be regularly guarded, but congregants are even more on edge during their holiest days.”

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Volgograd gets hit for second time: 10 people killed after a trolleybus is blown up in Volgograd city

At least 10 people have been killed in an explosion on a packed trolleybus in Russia’s Volgograd city, according to Interfax news agency.



The attack came on Monday, a day after a suicide bomb attack in the same city killed at least 17 people in a train station.

“A blast happened inside a trolleybus in Volgograd, according to preliminary reports, 10 people died, 10 were wounded,” said Irina Gogoleva, spokeswoman of South Regional Centre of Russia’s Interior Ministry.

The blasts have raised safety concerns in the region ahead of the Winter Olympics 2014 due in February in Sochi, west of Volgograd. (Al Jizz)


Volgograd Bomberette a “Revert”

‘Reverts’ are known to take their religion seriously.

Russia: Volgograd jihad murderer was female convert to Islam


Yet another convert to Islam misunderstands her new religion as having to do with murdering Infidels. But the only people who are concerned about this phenomenon are vilified as greasy Islamophobes, so what’s the problem?

“Volgograd suicide bomber’s identity confirmed, photos now public, from the Voice of Russia, December 29:

The suicide bomber who set off a 10kg TNT charge today in the southern Russian city of Volgograd had officially been identified as Oksana Aslanova, a 26-year-old Tabasaran national from Turkmenistan, the Voice of Russia’s source reports.

Was there a man too…?

Assam terrorised:

From the Religion of Peace:

Religion of Peace Bomber Hoped to Nuke India…

  • He just wanted to explode a “tiny tiny” nuclear bomb…..

Myth: The Small Fringe  (Molschky)

Bin Laden and his goals have better support from Muslims than Hitler had from Germans.

Economics and Peace under Palestinian Authority  (Greenfield)

“You can’t fix Muslim economic inequality without fixing Islam. And you can’t fix Muslim violence without fixing Islam. And you can’t fix Islam.”

Murderers for Peace  (Elder of Ziyon)

A list of the degenerates being released by Israel to appease Palestinian Muslims, who hail child-killers as heroes.

The Arabs are Superior in Islam  (Irrationalism)

In Islam, Muslims are superior to non-Muslims and Arab Muslims are superior to non-Arabs.

Why the EU (still) Funds Pal Arab Terrorists

The Palestinian Authority 

PMW — Palestinian Media Watch — has relentlessly documented how the EU is supporting, with its funds to the PA, Arab terrorists.

Here are a series of short articles on the subject at PMW.

Even today the EU refuses to demand an end to such transfers of European funds to convicted Muslim Arab terrorists, involved in the Jihad against Israel.


Muslim Middle East: That Dauphin-Torn, That Wrong-Tormented Sea Of Corruption

The corrupt sons of corrupt fathers, outlined by Michael Rubin here. You can fill out his list to taste. I’d add, right away, the two “businessmen” in Qatar, that is the sons of the corrupt leader of  a corrupt court (fattening on Infidel aid that seems never to stop), the local warlord of Ramallah, Mahmoud Abbas.

Israel vs Islam  (Phyllis Chesler)

“The attempt to appropriate Jesus as a victimized ‘Palestinian’ by the very Muslims who are slaughtering Christians all over the Middle East and who have driven Arab Christians out of Bethlehem is typical, disgusting, and must continually be exposed.”

The Temple Mount, Dismounted

The Temple Mount, Dismounted – AmericanThinker


Muhammad, profit of Islam, never set foot on the site. Mohammedan claims about a mythical ‘night journey’ are absurd. In fact, Mohammedanism has no claim on the temple mount at all.

temple_mountAll the propaganda about Muhammed’s mythical night journey from the Temple Mount can be dated to comparatively recent times, sometime in the 19th century. The only reference in the Qur’an to this fable says that Allah took Muhammed from “the Sacred Mosque” in Mecca “to the farthest Mosque,” which the Muslims claim is Al-Aqsa. … By Janet Tasse Story at AmericanThinker thanks to Mullah, pbuh….


But even Aisha, Muhammad’s child bride, denied that the self-proclaimed  profit of Islam went anywhere that night. In the hadith, she said he’d been snoring next to her!

Obama Regime Tries to Revive the Benghazi “YouTube Anger” Hoax

The Muslim POTUS, Hildebeast, Susan Rice and the spinmeisters from the enemedia should hang for this.   The lies told after the attack by administration figures were appalling. So, too, is the unwillingness of Hillary Clinton to take responsibility for what happened. But the administration’s seeming lack of interest in bringing those responsible to justice is a scandal of an altogether higher order.


Now, they’re doubling down. Daniel Greenfield calls them out on it:

Major media outlets have a new disinformation tactic.

Instead of a fact-check, which used to be their old tactic, they drop a voluminous multi-part essay that claims to be the product of intensive reporting, but doesn’t really offer much of anything new, except an attempt at reviving a discredited liberal narrative, which its own reporting doesn’t support. (read the whole thing below the fold…)

Obama celebrates Kwanzaa

Last year Ann Coulter wrote that Kwanzaa was only observed by “presidential–statement writers and white female public school teachers.”  She was almost right. Kwanzaa is celebrated by a few groups but none of which are more well represented than white female liberal public school teachers (WFLPST).  This is true because most public schools are closed during Kwanzaa season and of course the teachers don’t work during the week of December 26 to January 1st. Consequently, all but the hardest of hard core leftists will blow off Kwanzaa.


Obamastan: who needs Christmas cards when you got a Muselputz for president?

VA Refuses Christmas Cards from 51 School Kids Intended for Disabled Veterans

A group of 51 school children in Texas spent the week before Christmas making Christmas cards for veterans. According to the VA, the kids made a mistake by saying “Merry Christmas”.Fox News reports VA hospital refuses to accept ‘Merry Christmas’ cards.

British National Archives show a son was born to Obama Sr. in 1961 in Kenya

On April 18, 2012, the BNA released the first batch of thousands of “lost” colonial-era files believed to have been destroyed, including files on Britain’s former colony of Kenya. Reporters at the UK’s The Guardian were among the first who looked at some of the newly released colonial files. They found that the name of Barack Obama (henceforth, Obama Sr.), the father of the POS in the White House, is on the top of a list of names revealed in a hitherto secret British colonial file of Kenyans studying in the United States. (Read the whole thing. Its only a matter of time till this blows up.)


Muslim Brotherhood signs pact with al-Qaeda

Its like sorting the ‘moderates’ from the ‘radicals’- I say let allah sort ’em out!


This will do nothing to stop those who insist that the Muslim Brotherhood is “moderate.” But open Brotherhood supporters in the U.S. such as DHS adviser Mohamed Elibiary should be asked about it. They won’t be, however. “Report: Muslim Brotherhood signs pact with al-Qaeda,” by Roi Kais for Ynet News, December 26 (thanks to JW):

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Milking ‘White Guilt’

Attention Seeker:
Congratulations to the liberal media/government establishment on finding a man bites dog story it can hype to turn the epidemic of black on white violence on its head:  a knockout whitey!

The Justice Department’s decision to charge a white man with a federal hate crime for a “knockout game”-style attack against a black victim has raised questions about why the administration waited until now to speak up on cases that, for months, largely have involved white victims.

Now that Phil Robertson’s suspension has been lifted, maybe black “leaders” can start addressing the real issues facing the community, rather than race-baiting 24/7


The DOJ has finally charged a knockout game suspect – who is white.

I’m glad the DOJ has stepped forward, but what took so long? And why this case?  Does Eric Holder’s inaction regarding previous crimes involving blacks attacking whites actually reflect his own hate crime?


 Islam is not a race, Muslims are NOT a race

(so how can one be a racist). It’s a political doctrine in the guise of ‘religion’. You can’t be racist against a political doctrine or against a ‘religion’.




A century of what?

Most blacks convert to Islam in prison.


Islamic da’awa doctors tell primitive blacks that Christianity is a white man’s religion, whereas Mohammedanism is a ‘black thing’ and therefore much more suitable.   Black criminals are converting to Islam in droves. Islamic clerics are rather careful not to reveal the texts about ugly Arab racism and supremacy, which holds blacks in contempt and equates them with slaves.

A Century of African-American Islam


The year 2013 marks the centenary of the reported founding of the Canaanite Temple in Newark, New Jersey. That was the very earliest form of an indigenous African-American Islam, one completely distinct from normative Islam, the 1,400-year-old religion from Arabia founded by Muhammad. From this movement came Elijah Muhammad, Malcolm X, and Louis Farrakhan.


The century divides into two main eras: inventing a new religion (1913-1975) and moving toward normative Islam (1975-2013).

Timothy Drew (1886-1929), an American black who called himself Noble Drew Ali, founded the Newark temple and then, in 1925 another, better verified organization, the oddly named Moorish Science Temple of America. His ideas derived mainly from four unlikely sources — pan-Africanists, the Shriners, Ahmadiyya Muslims, and white racists.

  • From pan-Africanists such as Edward Wilmot Blyden and Marcus Garvey, he appropriated the notion of Christianity as the religion of whites and Islam that of non-whites. As a practicing Shriner, Noble Drew Ali borrowed traits from this organization, such as the use of “Noble” before one’s name, the requirement that men wear fezzes, and a network of lodges. From Ahmadis he took Arabic personal names, the crescent and star motif, the prohibition of pork, and the notion of Jesus traveling to India. From white racists came the idea that accomplished black Americans are not Africans at all but “Moors,” “Moorish-Americans,” or “Asiatics,” a mythical northwest African people, the Moabites, who migrated to sub-Saharan Africa.
  • From this unique mixture, Noble Drew Ali concocted the 64-page scripture of his religion, The Holy Koran of the Moorish Science Temple of America (Chicago, 1927) which, despite its name, has almost nothing to do with the normative Islamic Koran but is largely plagiarized from two texts, one occult Christian and the other Tibetan. Even more strangely, his Koran focuses not on the figure of Muhammad but on Jesus.

“ISA”, as Mohammedan’s call the messiah of the Christians, will return on the side of Muhammad, abolish the jiziya, kill the swine (the Christians) and break the cross. The Islamic Isa is very different from the Jesus of the Christians…..