Rejects to be deported: government warns failed asylum seekers – go home or we'll force you

Out with the trash!

Rejects to be deported: government warns failed asylum seekers – go home or we’ll force you


MORE than 1000 failed asylum seekers who have had their claims rejected but are still in Australia have been put on notice, with the Abbott government threatening to put them into detention and deport them if they refuse to return home voluntarily.


Immigration Minister Scott Morrison last night said the people in community detention or in detention centres had failed in their claims – some multiple times including judicial reviews – and had no right to be in Australia any more.

More than 30,000 asylum seekers are living on the Australian mainland after the masses of boat arrivals under the previous Labor government – residing in community detention and receiving welfare benefits paid for by taxpayers or in detention centres at a cost to taxpayers.

Mr Morrison said more than 1000 of these people had been “sitting in the network and in the community after having their claims rejected”.

“The government will take the steps necessary to remove failed asylum seekers from Australia who wish to stay indefinitely at taxpayers’ expense,” he said.

“Once you have had your asylum claims assessed and rejected not just by the department but also on appeal, it’s time to go home, as you have been assessed as not being owed protection.

“If people want to frustrate it and act up and frustrate we have the ability to take them into detention.

“We make no apologies to return people who shouldn’t be here and particularly those who have come the wrong way.”

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"Your sensitivity doesn’t veto my right to exhibit a crucifix immersed in urine"

Big mouth heroes turn zero’s:

Does anyone in particular have the right to depict a hijab in an artwork?

Where are all the Leftists now who once screamed for the right of galleries to show a crucifix in urine?

Now the bigots are stripping pictures from galleries. Where is Marr now? (Andrew Bolt)

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When failed states dump their human surplus on us….

“Serious social problems within the African community”.

Wouldn’t it be better to let the Africans  keep these ‘serious problems’ there instead of dumping them on us?


Police played down a violent New Year’s brawl between more than 200 youths of African appearance in Melbourne’s CBD for fear of being accused of “racism”.

A Sudanese-born volunteer with the Salvation Army said many young people from the African community had little education and poor job prospects, making them feel excluded:

“…many of them have experienced great trauma and have come from difficult places… but we need to try and develop real solutions to fix these problems.”

No we don’t because we can’t. We need to keep them out.

“But if they’re brawling in the streets in their hundreds, then isn’t it about time we realised what the situation is and not just play the racism card every time…?”

 The ABC is becoming increasingly hysterical:

The ABC is out of control.

Disgrace. ABC reports more “mistreatment”, when it actually found evidence our navy is innocent

Boby wouldn’t lie to you:

Somali “asylum seeker” Boby Nooris claims he was sprayed in the eyes during a boat interception in early January.


The ABC makes another exaggerated claim of “mistreatment” of asylum seekers that actually discredits its first:

New details have emerged about asylum seeker claims that Australian sailors mistreated them during a boat interception operation earlier this month.

A Somali asylum seeker has told the ABC that there were angry protests when people found out the boat was being turned around and they were being returned to Indonesia.

He alleges that during the onboard argument he suffered burns when he came into contact with a hot engine after an Australian sailor sprayed him in the eyes. (Read more by Andrew Bolt)

Islamisation Delayed 

No boats and no drownings for six weeks. Greens and Labor demand answers

Labor should explain why it scrapped what had worked under the Howard Government and never managed to do what the Abbott Government has done again: 

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Scarlett Johansson dumps Oxfam

We should all boycott Oxfam.

Scarlett Johansson dumps immoral Oxfam

scarjo“Scarlett Johansson has respectfully decided to end her ambassador role with Oxfam after eight years,” the statement said. “She and Oxfam have a fundamental difference of opinion in regards to the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement. She is very proud of her accomplishments and fundraising efforts during her tenure with Oxfam.”

Johansson is clearly more moral than Oxfam is.

While Oxfam never officially said it supports boycotting all Israeli products – like all humanitarian NGOs, it has to put up a pretense of objectivity – Oxfam has no problem with one of their other ambassadors pushing for the destruction of Israel via BDS. That ambassador is the hateful Desmond Tutu, who happily associates with members of Hamas.

Oxfam lies about Israel all the time.

Johansson is right and it is brilliant that she decided to end her relationship with Oxfam. After all, she has a reputation as a humanitarian that was in danger from associating with an organization that is obsessively against Israel and tolerant towards terrorists and anti-Semites. (EoZ)

True, Johansson has a personal interest in defying the barely-disguised anti-Semitism now so fashionable in the Left:

So how to show our support? Make a point of watching every Johannson movie? It would be a pleasure.

Boycott Oxfam and switch to less racist charities? Easy done. (Andrew Bolt)

Hamas-linked Canadian Muslim group accuses Harper government official of libel for saying it has Hamas ties

This takes chutzpah. Does the NCCM have ties to Hamas or not? The superb Canadian site Point de Bascule laid it all out last week.

BBC lies about “Palestinian” jihadist who opened fire on Israeli soldiers

Fjordman noted a few days ago that the media blackout about the mass murderer Anders Breivik’s confession that he associated with the counter-jihad movement in order to try to destroy it showed “how rotten and dishonest Western mass media are, how much information they hide and how much they distort.” Indeed, and that rottenness and […]  Continue Reading »

Paki University can’t guarantee security of event honoring girl shot by Taliban, cancels event

Malala insists that what the Taliban do transgresses against the true teachings of Islam; yet those who adhere to what she regards as those true teachings do not have sufficient numbers or power to protect an event that was to be held in her honor at Peshawar University. Those whom she regards as Misunderstanders of Islam are ruling the day.

Does anyone seriously think the PLO would allow Jews to visit holy places?

When people talk about how a peace plan would look, “everyone knows” that Bethlehem and Hebron and much of Jeruslaem would be under Arab control, and the Jewish holy places there – the Temple Mount, the Cave of the Patriarchs and Rachel’s Tomb – would be freely accessible because, well, there would be peace!Isn’t that obvious?

Sure, Jordan promised that Jews would be able to visit their holy place when they illegally annexed Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria in 1949 – and they lied.

But now is different, right?

Dear Ms Sarah Hanson-Young,

Mustafa is looking forward to having you!

Thank you for your recent letter to The Immigration Department expressing your profound concern at the treatment of Islamic boat arrivals to our country.

As a concerned and compassionate citizen, you will be pleased to know we are creating a new Immigration department called Welcome To Freedom (WTF).

This new and innovative program will, on a trial basis only, place disturbed Islamic immigrants in the homes of concerned citizens such as yourself for personal care.

Your personal detainee has been selected and is scheduled for transportation to your residence on Monday.

Mustafa Kamel is your nominated detainee and he is to be cared for pursuant to the standards you personally demanded in your letter of complaint.

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There's hijabbery going on!

They should call it World Misogyny Day:

… On February 1, one million Muslim and non-Muslim women wearing a traditional Islamic head scarf are going to march on the streets of 116 countries to mark the second anniversary of World Hijab Day. …

More submission to the bloodcult at OnIslam (thanks to Mullah, pbuh)

Stereoptypohobia in Canuckistan


“We want everyone to come and try on a hijab,” Kiran Malik-Khan, the organizer of the event, said in a release. “The biggest stereotype out there is that Muslim women are forced to wear a hijab, which isn’t true. The hijab is an emblem of our modesty, honour and beauty. We wear it because we embrace it with pride.”  (Or else…)

More Stereotypophobia and Misconception Battlers

“We have both Sunni and Shia within the group and both on the e-­board,” and: “There is a misconception that all Muslims are Arab and all Arabs are Muslim,” she said.

… one of the main events of the week will be a day where scarves are passed out to women around campus to wear on their heads like the traditional Muslim hijab. More stereotype-battling by wearing stereotypical hedjabs at Grand Valley Lanthorn

MONTREAL - They’re young, powerful, educated, stylish and they wear a hijab.

The video self starts, which is annoying. Therefore I put it below the fold.

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If Stalinism is “progressive”, then what do we call the ABC?

If Stalinism is “progressive”, then what do we call the ABC?

Not one of the ABC’s main current affairs shows on TV or radio is hosted by a conservative. Every host of ABC TV’s “Media Watch” in its 24 year history has been of the political Left.

233485-8b8456ee-60ba-11e3-8bef-f68fbd62ade2A billion dollars per annum is what we are  paying for the pond scum of the Australian Left to run the socialist propaganda unit that the ABC is today. Paul Syvret from the Courier Mail involuntarily tells much truth in his satirical article  that is supposed to crack you up.  But its more likely to make you choke.

The ABC promptly finds a sucker (Craig Laundy) who tells us we should switch channels if we don’t like it. Trouble is, there are no channels……

ABC has ‘a contract with the Australian people’ says Liberal MP


They certainly do, but they don’t honour it. “Fair & Balanced” is hardcore commie prop 24/7 for these cretins.

Updated Thu 30 Jan 2014

Liberal MP Craig Laundy says although many people do criticise how the ABC reports on stories, the broadcaster has a right to speak freely as a fundamental part of our democracy.

Andrew Bolt:

An extraordinary way for an ABC reporter to soft-soap Pete Seeger’s support for a bloody tyranny led by Joseph Stalin:

ASHLEY HALL: This is Pete Seeger performing at the Melbourne Town Hall in 1963. Originally recorded by his band the Weavers, If I Had a Hammer is one of his best known works. He wrote it with band mate Lee Hays in 1949 and the first time they performed it was at a testimonial dinner for the leaders of the Communist Party – just one example of Pete Seeger’s commitment to progressive politics.

A party preaching a totalitarian creed and pledging loyalty to Stalin’s Russia is an example of “progressive” politics?

On it goes:

ASHLEY HALL: His commitment to progressive politics saw him nearly landed in jail at one point. What happened there?

ALLAN WINKLER: In the 1950s when Joseph McCarthy and the anti-communist crusade got under way, he was tarred as having been a member of the Communist Party.


Pardon? Seeger was not “tarred as having been a member of the Communist Party”. He actually was a member of that party, which was loyal to the Soviet Union at a time when Stalin was killing dissidents, deporting entire communities, jailing writers and imprisoning millions in gulags. 

“Progressive” indeed.

Would I be wrong in considering this just one more pixel in a picture of ABC Leftism?


Another pixel. Of course the ABC isn’t biased, It’s just that ABC hosts such as Jonathan Green, who hung a John Howard pinata from his tree on election day in 2007, believes a conservative like me is actually on the ”stratospheric right”.

Yes, the ABC isn’t biased and only rotten conservatives would think so.

Al Age Tard Promotes Fellow Travellers Who Demand Censorship of All Things Islamic


Media ‘sensationalism’ slammed in terror report by Victoria Police and Victoria Uni

, Senior writer for Al Age

Media ”sensationalism” is unfairly linking Islam to terrorism and inflaming tensions between Muslims and other Australians, a detailed study has found.

The first comprehensive study of community attitudes in Australia into radicalisation, written by Victoria Police and Victoria University, found most of more than 500 community leaders, government stakeholders and everyday Australians surveyed regarded the risk of terrorism as fairly low.

They were deeply critical of media sensationalism when covering the risk of terrorism, which an ”overwhelming majority” said was unfairly linking it to Islam. Some respondents felt the reporting was so far slanted that they wanted greater regulation or monitoring of media organisations.

xmichele-grossman.jpg.pagespeed.ic.7HV7u9fJawVictoria Police’s Dr Hussein Tahiri and Victoria University’s Professor Michele Grossman were the research authors.

  • Professor Michele Grossman is Deputy Director and Research Program Leader, Centre for Cultural Diversity and Wellbeing (CCDW)


Muslims in our police force is bad news. Muslims in our universities is worse. Infiltration should ring  alarm bells everywhere.

The year-long study was based on 47 focus groups.

Lets see who exactly.

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Cyclone Dylan (blowing in the wind)

Cyclone Dylan moves towards Queensland coast

Cyclone watch declared for regions from Port Douglas to Proserpine

This  could turn nasty.

Tropical Cyclone Dylan forms after king tides hit North Queensland coast



Cairns king tide, readers pictures:


CAIRNS FLOODING: Loeven St, Paramatta Park. Reader pic: Ricky Osborne Source: CairnsPost

READERS have submitted some of their pictures of the King Tide that hit Cairns this morning.

While cars were the worst hit around the CBD along Abbott St, Florence St and the Esplanade, Redden St Portsmith  and Wharf St also copped a lashing.