ABC For "Balance?"

Shameless. Absurd and ridiculous:

Lisa Wilkinson says we pay the ABC to be Left to balance censorious and unnatural Right-wingers:

There are all but  5  mildly conservative journalists in Australia. By no stretch of the imagination can any of them be described as a “censorious unnatural Right-winger”- perversion and censorship is the fever swamp of the left. They own it.

Andrew Bolt:

The vanity of the ABC’s apologists

Fact: the ABC is not funded to “balance” the Right-wing media any more than it is funded to “balance” the Left-wing Fairfax media, SBS, Guardian Australia, Canberra press gallery, Lisa Wilkinson, Laurie Oakes, The Project, 2UE, FM hosts,, The Conversation, Crikey, The Monthlyand the rest.

Fact: if you want a “natural” conversation, go out into our city streets and towns. What you will hear will make the ABC’s obsessions with boat people, same sex marriage and global warming sound most unnatural.

Fact: the Left has not been the defender of free speech but the enemy.

Still, it’s good that the ABC’s apologists are abandoning the deceitful “ABC isn’t biased” stand, and retreating to the “yes but”.

(But do they really?)

To really expose ABC bias, Liberal MPs would have to speak frankly about the ABC’s global warming catastrophism.

What do you do with a taxpayer funded institution keeps defecating on Australia,  “maliciously maligns” the navy and offers nothing but “weasel words of apology” from senior management? Yes, the ABC is biased. 

Infantile nonsense

from a senior member of the Canberra press gallery:

I share Greg Sheridan’s astonishment at Laura Tingle’s extraordinary bias, which leads her to write the most ill-informed slop: Sheridan vs Tingle: claims “foolish”, “untrue”, “infantile” and “almost deranged”