Ambush: 170 al Nusra militants meet virgins

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Syrian Army exports 170 califazkies to the virgins: MEMRI TV

Syrian Army (Alewites) Kills Scores of Militants Sunni Muslims in Ambush

Al-Manar TV, February 27, 2014:

Anchor: More than 170 militants were killed in an ambush by the Syrian military in the Al-Otaiba Lake region, known as the gateway to East Ghota. Al-Manar TV has obtained footage of the activation of explosive devices against a convoy of hundreds of militants on foot in the Al-Otaiba region.

Footage of convoy

Voice of reporter: Step by step they march towards their death. Perhaps they thought that under cover of night, they would be able to save themselves from the stifling siege on East Ghota. Alas, darkness could not conceal them from the precise surveillance of the Syrian military elite.

Here, in the Al-Otaiba Lake area, an ambush was set for a large target of over 200 militants from Al-Nusra Front and the so-called Islamic Front. This is one of the largest ambushes set for the militants to date.

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  1. Personally I think them Sunni scumbags got out of it too easy. I hope the survivors don’t though..

    Wasn’t a Sunni day for them maggots.

    What was the last thing that went through their mind….. SHITE.

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