CAR: ousted muslim minister: SELEKA rebels are "boiling with emotions"

After  a short reign of terror,  the Christians of the Central African Republic had enough of Islamic mass-murder, looting and mass-rape.The Christians fought back, and now the soldiers of allah are on the run, which means they have even more reason to hate.  Wherever Koranimals are driven out, the peacekeepers find mass-graves:


Muselmaniacs really hate ‘backlash’, don’t they?

“If Christians don’t stop killing Muslims, then I’m afraid groups like Al-Qaeda and Boko Haram might be drawn into this conflict,” Gen. Mohamed Dhaffane, a former minister of state in the government of former interim president Michel Djotodia, told Anadolu Agency.

He also warned that former seleka fighters might strike back if Christian militiamen didn’t stop killing Muslims.

“I’ve been advising Muslims and ex-seleka fighters not to [seek] revenge against Christian attacks, but they’re boiling with emotions and they will avenge [Muslims] if Christians continue killing them,” Dhaffane said.

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