For Australia's red diaper babies, China is a “credible” arbiter of human rights, and we are not…

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Australia has some of the worlds dumbest journo’s:

Check out  the Sydney Morning Herald’s Elizabeth Farrelly

We’re all Nazis now….Fear makes us harsh, as in 1930s Germany and any populace that accommodates an inhumane regime.

 …many asylum seekers are from countries we have helped destroy.

Really?  We have “destroyed”Afghanistan, Sudan’s Darfur region, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Pakistan, Somalia, and Syria”? Really?  We destroyed Afghanistan by toppling the Taliban and pumping in aid? We’ve destroyed Iran? Syria is our fault, too? Pakistan?

We are all boat people.

No, we’re not.

Many of our ancestors came explicitly as criminals. Most of those, having arrived, colluded in what would now be war crimes.

Her’s probably. Not mine. So define “many”.  Identity the “war crimes”.  While we’re at it, identify the “war”.

Does Farrelly truly have an audience for such bizarre fantasising? How fashionable is this torrent of hatred and fear of this country?

Or maybe she should just check her passport. Is she really in this country or in, say, China’s Tibet?

4012784-3x2-340x227Farelly pictured here with Marxist fellow traveller Philip Adams. Both are  apologists bullshitters for just about every communist regime that ever existed.

Beheadings needed at the ABC:

Chinese Standards on Human Rights?

Fairfax’s Ross Gittins freelances as the dupe of China’s fascists:

So far have our standards sunk that we must now suffer the indignity of being lectured on human rights by the Chinese government.

It takes a particularly severe case of cultural cringe to judge Australia by what China’s autocrats say of it.

In other news:

Thank Scott Morrison for saving lives instead

Andrew Bolt ( Boat people policy)

IN the six years Labor ran our border policies one boat person — on average — died every two days. The death toll was horrific — at least 1100.

But where were the GetUp candlelight rallies then to match the one we saw last week for the one boat person, Iranian Reza Berati, who died last week under the Abbott Government?

Where was the wall-to-wall ABC coverage? Where were the demands then for the resignation of the politicians behind the deadliest mistake of any peacetime Australian government — to weaken our border laws in 2008 to seem more “compassionate”, only to put people smugglers back into business?

What we are seeing now is not just the hypocrisy of the Left. It is also an illustration of a key difference between them and conservatives: the Left judging by how things seem; conservatives by how things work.

It is the difference between children and adults.  

(Read full article here.)

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  1. These ‘journalist’ f***ers, are deranged.

    Adams, commo apologist from way back, I don’t waste time reading any of his drivel.

    Farrelly? Is she still with Fartfax? No wonder they’re on the road to oblivion.

  2. Yeah it’s a favourite from these lunatics that Australia and indeed the developed world are to blame for Muslims wrecking they’re own countries- and therefore Australia’s job to clean up the mess, kissing foreign ass, and importing the losers into Oz.

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