Its World Freedom Sack Celebration Day!

It’s World Hijab Day everybody, so wrap your heads in freedom gear and party down:



(Tim Blair)

Get with it, gals! What could possibly be more diverse than black shrouds?


Lydia Shelly says the day also encourages Australians to walk in the shoes of a Muslim women with the aim of improving religious harmony.

“The biggest assumption about Muslim women who wear the hijab is that we are one big homogenous group,” Ms Shelly wrote on Facebook. “Muslim women who wear the hijab are from all walks of life, nationalities and have different ways that they express their modesty through their wearing of the hijab.Yay for diversity in the hijabi community!”


Yay for wearing slightly different patterns and colours while maintaining subservience to your male superiors! Here’s how things went during a previous hijab day celebration:

Some 200 veiled women staged a rally in front of the Lahore Press Club on Tuesday to mark World Hijab Day, but only men gave speeches.

431338-HijabprotestPhotoAbidNawazexpress-1346782611-558-640x480All females have the right to wear the freedom sack.  No female has the right not to wear the freedom sack….

The Spencer-Geller ban: Truth is hate crime in Davoud Camoron’s Britain

The Spencer-Geller ban: Truth is hate crime in Cameron’s Britain

The Spencer-Geller ban: Truth is hate crime in Cameron’s Britain


The Spencer-Geller ban: Truth is hate crime in Cameron’s Britain 

by Paul Weston, Chairman, Liberty GB

What kind of country refuses entry to people like Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller, but welcomes with open arms war criminals, rapists, murderers, fascists and jihadists? Great Britain, of course! Come on in, we say! No passport, my dear chap? Not a problem! Can you mouth the word A-S-Y-L-U-M in a manner approximating coherence? You can! Excellent, excellent, please allow us to provide you with money, housing, legal aid and a thoroughly Great British welcome to you today, and your extended family tomorrow!


Next! Ah, Mr Spencer, I think? May I compliment you on your luxuriant beard that suggests potential jihadi promise, and your magisterial ability to quote the Koran, my dear chap, both of which are highly favoured in multi-faith Britain! But, and it is rather a large but, I’m afraid to say, I hear you are pro-Israel and use your Koranic knowledge to question the peacefulness of an ideology we fanatically promote as pure as the driven snow! Oh dear me no, this is no good at all, my dear fellow! Drawing attention to real, actual facts is just not on in today’s Britain, don’t cha know? So despite the wonderful beard, I’m afraid entry permission is denied! Sorry, old boy!

Next! Ms Geller, I presume? Wrong queue, my dear lady, wrong queue entirely! You want the one over there….NO! Ms Geller, most certainly NOT the VIP track…the one next to it….yes, that one, Ms Geller…that’s it, the Fast Track Judenrein queue…, Ms Geller, not au revoir, my dear lady, not au revoir at all…..simply goodbye!

Next!…Mr Mohammad Al-Arefe, I believe? I hear you wish to smash skulls and sever limbs, you old Saudi rogue, you! Welcome to Britain, sir! This way sir, this way! May I carry your bag, sir? I may! Thank you, sir, thank you! Gosh, it’s awfully heavy! What on earth do you have inside it? No, no! Don’t answer me, sir, and please forgive my infidel impertinence in asking…and if I may say so sir, your beard is rather marvellous as well….completely puts Spencer’s quite inferior foliage in the shade, sir…your limousine, sir, courtesy of Theresa May! Oh, thank you, sir! A Petrodollar! Thank you again, sir! Allahu akbar, if I may be so bold, sir!

And now for a more detailed and depressing analysis, from here.

“In a time of universal deceit — telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” — George Orwell

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The rainbow, the cross and the crescent clash in the Australian Defence Force

By Bernard Gaynor

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) has tackled determined opponents over the past 15 years in Timor, Iraq and Afghanistan. While weary, it is now battle-hardened and enjoys strong public support. However, these achievements are at risk from a more insidious threat: political correctness. If defeated, the ADF will be weakened morally and mentally and lose the support of ordinary Australians.


Australia cannot afford this. Global security is uncertain while ASIO continues to report a high internal security threat. Yet under the former Labor Minister for Defence, Stephen Smith, the ADF turned its focus from protecting Australia’s national interests to radical social change.

In the process, it was politicised.

I can provide informed comment on these matters. As an Intelligence Officer, I served in a full-time capacity from 1999 until 2011, deploying to Iraq on three occasions. From mid-2011 I have continued serving in the Army Reserve, but now face the loss of my commission.

My crime was to express personal opinions, based on my Catholic beliefs, regarding homosexuality and the Islamic religion.

Continued  below…

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