Such a law would shut down debate

Conroy is everywhere.


It shouldn’t be this dangerous to disagree

Andrew Bolt

I share Simon Breheny’s concern:

IT’S concerning that the Abbott government is walking away from its promise to repeal the law that sent Andrew Bolt to court.

Worse, the government has said it is considering laws that would jail people for inciting “hatred” – a vague and ambiguous term – on the basis of race, religion or political opinion…

Of course, provisions against inciting violence are appropriate. But Attorney-General George Brandis recently said: “It seems that section 80.2A of the Commonwealth Criminal Code is probably too narrowly drawn.” He appears to be suggesting that he will broaden section 80.2A to make it illegal to incite hatred of someone on the basis of political opinion.

A person can have a political opinion about anything. It’s a term that applies to politics, as much as economics, morality, the environment and everything else.

Such a law would shut down debate.