What does it take to reverse the Islamic invasion?

Who brought in this trouble?

Andrew Bolt

Our impeccably correct immigration and refugee policies at work:

COMMUNITY leaders have warned of possible reprisal attacks by Blacktown’s Pacific Islander community targeting young African-Australian men in the wake of the gang-rape attack on a 14-year-old Islander girl.

Despite the warning from two of the community’s church and sporting leaders, police said they were “monitoring” the situation between the groups and didn’t expect the violence that had previously plagued relations between the two communities to flare.


The Sydney Moonbat Herald now adds the following phrase, but employs quotation marks to distance themselves from the rudeness of calling an African, well, African:

Police said the attackers had been described as being of “African” appearance.


Kidnapping is unislamic:

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trades has issued a new travel alert which lists the following countries as dangerous for Australians. There is a common theme to them:

Culture counts. Take the kidnapping alert