“Prominent Sydney Sheik” Waging Jihad in Syria

Andrew Bolt

Which immigration authorities let this man in?

Again, how did our immigration authorities allow such a person or his family to come here in the first place? And will they keep him out in future?

A PROMINENT Sydney sheik who travelled to Syria to join the country’s jihadist opposition is offering Islamic instruction, mediation and legal services for banned terrorist group Jabhat al- Nusra.

The al-Qa’ida-linked organisation released a statement detailing the role played by Sheik Abu Sulayman, 30, who The Australian revealed last week had become a senior figure in its ranks…

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Warming Shysters Call For “Decisive Action On Climate Change”

In Rio they called it “climate justice”. Can’t have justice without your money:

Global Warming Will Cause War, Pestilence, Famine and Death, Says New IPCC Report Inevitably  (Breitbart)

Today sees the release of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) latest findings on the state of “global warming” and the news isn’t good. Here are some of the highlights:

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Giant malarial mosquitoes the size of crane flies may descend en masse and drain us of our blood so quickly with their powerful razor sharp probosces that we won’t even have time to be infected – we’ll be dead before we hit the floor;
  • Bangladesh, Tuvalu, The Maldives and Florida will all be submerged;
  • Four horsemen with skulls for faces, glowing red eyes and huge scythes will gallop across the blighted land on skeletal horses spreading fire, pestilence, famine, and disease. Men will pray for the quick release of death. Children will clutch their parents and say: “Why didn’t we listen?”;
  • The populations of horrid things like cockroaches and scorpions will quintuple, while all the cute animals – wrens, robins, meerkats, baby polar bears, kittens, sea otters – will vanish as if they had never been;
  • Men will say openly that Christ and His saints slept;
  • There will be war, war and more war.

We know this because the Guardian’s Suzanne Goldenberg is on the case. She has got in her climate doom predictions early and though she based her report on a leaked sneak preview rather than the finished document, she has undoubtedly captured the general tone, which is this: things are even worse than we thought!

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Turkey: when Muslims vote, they vote for Islam

Every time.

Turkish PM claims landslide election win

Al Jizz

201433164313328734_20Erdogan’s AKP gets more than 45 percent of votes in local polls seen as a vote of confidence amid graft allegations. Turkish PM claims landslide election win

Turkey’s ruling party has claimed victory in the critical local elections that took place amid corruption allegations, damaging security leaks and online bans that have shaken Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government.

Addressing his supporters late on Sunday after the results were revealed, Erdogan said he would “enter the lair” of his enemies and make them “pay the price” for plotting his downfall. “Those who attacked Turkey got disappointed,” he said.

The elections were widely seen as a vote of confidence for the rule of Erdogan, and his supporters celebrated the victory throughout the night.

Coptic girl murdered for cross tattoo


Egypt: Christian murdered because of cross tattoo

The new regime in Egypt is favorably disposed toward the nation’s Christians, but that only inflames the Islamic supremacists, who lash out as here, by murdering innocent people. But remember: the real problem is “Islamophobia”!

“Bishop Raphael: Coptic woman killed because of cross tattoo,” from MCN Direct, March 29: (JW)


EGYPT – Two MuBro’s sentenced to death for throwing children off roof last July

Vlad Tepes Video:

Egypt: Christian murdered because of cross tattoo

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood Supporters Attack Church, Four Dead

Among other forms of “retaliatory terrorism,” some 80 Christian churches were attacked in Egypt immediately after the June 30 Revolution, which saw the ousting of Muslim Brotherhood president Morsi.

Afghanistan: Educating Girls in Madrassas

In Afghanistan, girls are being brainwashed into thinking that it’s God’s will for them to be thoroughly oppressed by men. In the West, students are being brainwashed into thinking that only a racist would object to what goes on in an Afghani Madrassa. Posted by 

Killing kafirs is at worst a misdemeanor under Sharia law.

At most, the killer MAY be punished with a fine. Otherwise, a blasphemer may killed with impunity. The killer might not even be charged.

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UN under fire for support of Myanmar census


World Bull/ News Desk

The United Nations is facing intensifying criticism for its support of a census that discriminates against Rohingya Muslims by banning members of the persecuted minority in Myanmar from listing their ethnicity.

These people are  illegal Bengali Muslim invaders in a Buddhist land. There is no such thing as “Rohingya”. This fraud needs to be exposed.  These Muslim invaders need to be repatriated to Bangladesh.

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Sack. Them. All.

Turnbull warns ABC board: tackle the bias

Andrew Bolt:

Malcolm Turnbull is perfectly right, of course:

COMMUNICATIONS Minister Malcolm Turnbull says ABC board members who do not want to get involved in ensuring news content on the public broadcaster is accurate and impartial should get off the board. 

Revealing he receives hundreds of complaints about the ABC each week, Mr Turnbull said “the law of the land” couldn’t be clearer — the board needed to take responsibility for addressing issues of accuracy and impartiality.

“Some people have said to me, ‘The directors don’t want to get involved’, so I said to the directors, ‘Look, if you don’t want to get involved you don’t have to be on the board’,” Mr Turnbull told The Australian.

“Section 8 of the ABC Act says one of the board’s duties is to ­ensure the ABC’s news and information services are impartial and accurate, according to the standards of objective journalism…

“My very strong view is that the ABC board must take ­responsibility.”

Turnbull shouldn’t say that’s ‘his view’. Its the ABC charter that demands it. It needs to be enforced.

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Syria: Devout Muslims Besiege Christian Town, Behead 13 Christians

Christian town in Syria attacked by radical headbangers; 80 dead, thousands displaced…
Barnabas-aids-Christians-from-Kessab-4X3The world shrugs at the jihad in Syria. The Muslim world’s obsession with Israel and the invented Palestinian narrative and its fictional “refugees,” held up against the carnage, the savage slaughter and the millions of Syrian refugees, incriminates the Islamic world and exposes its true motive.

And who quietly treats Syria’s wounded? Israel. That should get the Israelis yet another condemnation from the OIC-driven UN.

Obama, a continuing embarrassment on the world stage, backs the jihadists whom he pretends are “moderate” — a bloody legacy of his presidency.

“Christian town in Syria attacked by Islamists; 80 dead, thousands displaced,” Barnabas Fund, March 27, 2014 (thanks to Pamela Geller)

In other news:

Netanyahu to Kerry: Terrorist release would topple government 

Prime Minister Netanyahu allegedly told US Secretary of State John FN Kerry that releasing another 26 terrorists would topple his government.

The pan-Arab London-based newspaper Al-Hayat has reported that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu told US Secretary of State John Kerry that his governing coalition may fall apart if Israel goes ahead with the fourth planned tranche in the terrorist release that it agreed to as a “goodwill gesture” toward the Palestinian Authority. (Carl in J’lem)