£1Million For a 'Slope?'

This is what hate-speech advocates would inflict on us in Australia if the Abbott government doesn’t manage to overturn 18C:


BBC faces £1MILLION racism lawsuit over Jeremy Clarkson’s ‘slope’ quip on Top Gear Burma special

  • Somi Guha, 36, is suing BBC over alleged racist remark on Top Gear
  • Jeremy Clarkson caused outrage by using word ‘slope’ in Burma special
  • Term is a derogatory phrase for people of Asian descent
  • Actress Ms Guha’s lawyers say action could cost the BBC £1million
  • They demand organisation apologises and takes show off the air

An actress is suing the BBC for up to £1million after Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson allegedly made a racist remark during the series finale of the show.

Indian-born Somi Guha, 36, has instructed lawyers after Clarkson used the word ‘slope’ – a derogatory term for people of Asian descent – in the Top Gear Burma special. (Daily Mail)

Meanwhile, the kerfuffle over speech unites Muselmaniac Waleed Aly and fossils like Bob Hawke:

Anyone who will sacrifice a little liberty for a little bit of extra security will deserve neither and lose both.

3 thoughts on “£1Million For a 'Slope?'”

  1. All my years of living in the UK and I have never heard the derogatory slang, “slope” to describe an Asian: Paki, darkie and wog, but never slope. Seriously is this made up?

    A million pounds, if this was to take a moral stance against racism, why not just sue for a quid, to make a point?

    A slippery slope indeed!

  2. The term “slope” does not refer to Indians. It refers to Asians with slanted eyes and, more specifically, those Asians who the US fought during the Vietnam era. She’s just stupid.

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