200 African Cultural Enrichers Storm Spanish Melilla

Another 200 Africans storm into Spanish Melilla

This has to stop. Europe is not a dumping ground for failed African nations. At least not yet.


More than 200 welfare seekers migrants from sub-Saharan Africa have breached the borders between Morocco and the Spanish territory of Melilla after surging towards the fences.

In the incident, which took place on Friday morning, a number of migrants were injured while climbing the fences.

Clashes also broke out when migrants began throwing rocks at police trying to prevent them from trespassing.

After scouring the fences, the migrants went directly to the migrant reception center, where they will most likely apply for asylum.

Melilla’s formidable border barrier does not deter migrants desperate to get into Europe:


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  1. What? No condemnation from the world for the Spanish having or putting up a wall (double wall???) to keep the rabble out?

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