Brother Anjem and his al Qaeda Bus in the Streets of Londonistan

Hate preacher investigated over driving ‘al-Qaeda van’ in London

An extremist preacher devout Muslim who recently drove a van emblazoned with al-Qaeda logos on a busy London high street could face prosecution under the UK’s anti-terror laws, according to The Sunday Times.  (Al Arabiya)

Islamic preacher Choudary addresses members of the media during a protest supporting Shari'ah Law in north London

This is from the Waltham Forest Guardian, Anejm’s local paper. Originally from behind the paywall at the Sunday Times

Extremist  devout Muslim preacher Anjem Choudary is being investigated by the Metropolitan Police after campaigning in a van inscribed with the logo of Syrian opposition group with close links to al-Qaeda.

Choudary, based in Walthamstow, and his followers took to the streets of Dalston last weekend in a white transit van adorned with the logo of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (al-Sham) (ISIS).

ISIS is a jihadist group established in the early years of the Iraq War which has pledged allegiance to al-Qaeda and is fighting with opposition forces in Syria.In a video Choudary can be seen sticking the leaflet on the van.

Chants in praise of ISIS can later be heard during calls for Shariah Law to be established in the UK. The video also shows the ISIS logo being pinned to the coat of a young child.Police have confirmed officers are investigating events in Dalston last weekend. No arrests have been made.

The Sunday Times explains the original incarnation of the group, Al-Muhajiroun, and some of the nefarious men who are linked within it, and ponders how quickly the Home Secretary can get it proscribed. They also provided a link which led me to the video.

Today’s target for the whining mendacious grievance-mongering taqiyya artists from “Tell Mama”: 

Atheist commentator Richard Dawkins

Who needs a constitution when you got the Obamessiah already?

Ted Cruz knocked it out of the park at Saturday’s Gridiron event, a Beltway roast hosted by the liberal media establishment. One of the best of his numerous witty and accurate observations:


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  1. To Islam is a Crock, Anjem will not even face prosecution for contravening the vehicle construction and use regulations for the poorly affixed Jihad signs on the van.

  2. When Toejam Chowderhead, the most despicable person on the Earth, is run over and flattened like a toad in summer by one of those cute, red, double-decker buses, I will celebrate with a ham sandwich and a beer.

  3. Islam Is A Crock and Fahrenheit211 – if his name was Tommy Robinson he would be in jail already. The Brits have lost their patriotic spirit and courage. I cannot understand why the Police Force does not rebel against the moslems when they are spewing-out hate and vowing to enslave England. Spineless cowards.

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