China will remember how incompetent and devious the Malays are…

Hugh Fitzgerald


Bumiputra (“Sons of the Soil”), is a government program conceived by Muslims in Malaysia to ensure that the Chinese and Indians, as non-Muslims, would be forced to pay to support the Muslim population. It requires non-Malays, that is the non-Muslim Chinese and Indians, to hire Malaysians, and share a company’s wealth with them even when they do little or nothing. It’s a set-up that infuriates those who are not its beneficiaries. And the real “sons of the soil” — the indigenous tribes — being pagan or christianized, do not receive any support from the Bumiputra system, and see their lands encroached upon, seized, stolen, by Muslim Malays.

Now Muslim Malays — it is they alone who appear to be handling matters related to the plane investigation — have been repeatedly shown to be incompetent or devious or both.

This will be remembered in China. What political and economic effects this has on the Muslims of Malaysia can’t be known, but the unedifying spectacle has, for much of the world, been — edifying.

One thought on “China will remember how incompetent and devious the Malays are…”

  1. Recently, the British Daily Mail, said that the Malaysians have made certain information classified and refused to share their findings relating to the planes disappearance.

    Considering that so many different countries are using their own means to aid the Malaysians this is rather offensive and what ever the information is that they classified, it clearly scared them enough to hide it. Not to mention the waste on a possible misdirection. SMH.

    Not good.

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