Dear Leader Kim Jong-Il, can I make a film about your wonderful propaganda techniques?

kim-jong-il-movie-set-500x375Andrew Bolt picks up on a blog entry by Gerard Henderson, who notes that an Australian filmmaker used her arts grants – provided by taxpayers – to make a film she said was helpful to the brutal North Korean dictatorship:

Your money to make a film useful to North Korea’s dictator

Film maker Anna Broinowski’s latest documentary Aim High in Creation! … has received taxpayer funds from the Australian Government, the NSW Government, Screen NSW, the Victorian Government, Film Victoria Australia and the South Australian Government. Oh yes, the film is the product of the taxpayer funded Screen Australia and Unicorn Films…. (continued below the fold)

More taxpayer funded crazyness:

This is how the official blurb describes Anna Broinowski:

Aim High In Creation! is a revolutionary comedy about the cinematic genius of North Korea’s late Dear Leader Kim Jong-Il, with a ground breaking experiment at its heart: a propaganda film, made according to the rules of his 1987 manifesto The Cinema and Directing.

During a soft interview on ABC 1 News Breakfast yesterday … Broinowski … even described Kim Jong-Il, the late and unlamented mass murderer and kidnapper, of North Korea, as “the Spielberg of the Eastern Bloc”. Steven Spielberg, no doubt, would disagree.

Let’s go to the transcript… Questioned about access [she got in North Korea], the film director replied:

Anna Broinowski: …I eventually got it by being honest. I said to them, look, I’m genuinely fascinated by your films. … “I want to make a film just about your film industry and not about the human rights abuses, that’s the story I want to tell and I want you to tell me how to do it”. So, when they realised it was a creative collaboration, that suited them at the time. It was useful to them as well

Anna Broinowski then proceeded to describe how she had agreed to act in a North Korean propaganda film:

Anna Broinowski:… I ended up acting in one of their movies… They wrote me a cameo as an evil American secretary …

I am flabbergasted.

“Dear Mr Hitler: can I make a film about your wonderful propaganda techniques? This film would be helpful to you. Oh, and I am prepared to work as an actress in a film by Mr Goebbels. This won’t cost you a cent: Australian taxpayers will foot the bill.”

Who the hell is doling out these grants?