Diversity Under Islam

Salvage what?


RUMSFELD: ‘A Trained Ape’ Could Manage Better Than Obama  —That will only encourage the Moonbat Messiah to hate America even more.


Muslims demand Facebook adhere to Islamic/sharia law

This “chain email” claims that Facebook has taken a dramatic anti-Islam stance, and the comment is further demanding that the site restore the Islamic pages, make it illegal to criticize Islam, and remove all FB pages that are critical of Islam. In other words, it is demanding that Facebook follow Islamic or sharia law.  (Examiner)

Pulitzer Prize Winning NYT Reporter: Obama “Greatest Enemy of Press Freedom”

A few media types are beginning to stand up to the Pravdaization of the American press that has really taken off under Obama. (Greenfield)


Kenya orders all Somali refugees back to camps

Kenya on Tuesday ordered all Somali refugees living in urban areas to return to their camps in a bid to end attacks carried out in retaliation for Kenya’s intervention in neighbouring Somalia.

The Philippines  and the Peace of Islam

Muslims in Philippines prepare for peace agreement

moro-filipinler-barisMoro Islamic Liberation Front

Obama threatens Egypt to withhold aid

…and don’t you hurt my Muslim brothers!

The United States escalated its criticism of Egypt on Tuesday over mass trials targeting the Muslim Brotherhood, and said it would be “unconscionable” for Egypt’s government to carry out the death sentences given to 529 members of the outlawed group.

UK: Child Sex Slavery, Multiculturalism and Islam

“[T]he agencies responsible for child-protection have almost entirely failed in their job to protect vulnerable children. From a fear of being called ‘racist,’ police forces across the country have buried the evidence…. Political correctness would be used to make sure that people did not speak about this phenomenon.” — from Easy Meat: Multiculturalism, Islam and Child Sex Slavery

British authorities enforcing political correctness have allowed Muslim paedophile gangs to sexually abuse children with impunity for more than two decades, according to a comprehensive new study that examines the harrowing epidemic of child grooming in towns and cities across Britain. (Source)

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  1. Those pictures of President Obama and the First Lady are simply not appropriate. They create animosities between ethnic groups, while failing to address real concerns. Ultimately, they belittle those that seriously question particular policies by President Obama.

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