Free Speech vs Mohammedan Gibberish

How to be a racist

Pat Condell

No to racism, yes to free speech?

Not so fast. What’s the definition of racism?  Is it racist to criticise Islam, a totalitarian belief system? Muselmaniacs would love that, although we all know that islam is not a race. But here you have a violent cult  that’s been piggybacking on false claims of ‘racism’  much too long . We have the right to say what others might claim is bigotry.  But we also have the right to denounce what we find is bigotry, and even a duty. You can be a bigot, as long as  I can call you one. —No to bigots, but yes to free speech – and our right to denounce them  (Andrew Bolt)

Refugee resettlement is very profitable for  non-profits.

The CEO of Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota was making $441,767 a year in salary and benefits – almost all taxpayer-supplied.–Time to Bring Refugee Program Out of the Shadows

Whatever makes us look like fools:

ABC urges sympathy for boat people who just let four others drown

A strange inconsistency in the ABC’s latest attempt to breathe life into allegations our sailors tortured boat people.

Affirmative Action is Racism (The religion of ‘diversity’ has been a failure all along.)

Mohammedan Gibberish at NASA Promoted by Ahmed From the BBC

NASA had big funding cuts. That’s the first clue…

The most bizarre thing is that people actually think NASA, actually a space agency, is equipped to prophesy the collapse of the “global industrial civilisation” thanks in part to “unequal wealth distribution”: Ahmed is just the man for the BBC

Unequal wealth distribution does make societies more unstable. The answer is not socialism, though, but more wealth creation.

Dynamite Learning Environment:

A Lebanese Army squad defused Monday two dynamite sticks before they could explode at the Lebanese University in Tripoli, north Lebanon.

More about Ahmed:

In an ABC opinion piece five days ago

“ In parallel, we are also seeing the physical impacts of climate change and resource constraint accelerating. This is triggering physical, economic and geopolitical responses, from melting Arctic ice and spiking food prices to the Arab Spring and the war in Syria (see here for further on that). The goods news in this growing hard evidence is that the risk of collapse is being acknowledged by more mainstream analysts. Examples include this commentary by investment legend Jeremy Grantham and a recent NASA-funded study explained here by Nafeez Ahmed. So the underlying driver — if we don’t change in a good way, we’ll change in a very bad way — is gathering acceptance.”

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  1. Ahmed: the fruit of Obama’s directive that NASA’s brief should be to make Muslims feel good about themselves. Well, what else is a space agency for?
    Obama: fundamentally changing America.

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