Geert Wilders' Freedom Party hit by resignations, after "fewer-Moroccans" remark at an election rally

The whole of politically correct Netherlands turns into a hysterical cackling henhouse instead of discussing the real cause of the problem: the multicultural catastrophe that is an enormous, persistent nuisance and makes everyday public life in our cities a hell. The statistics – and indeed just the everyday experiences of hundreds of thousands civilians – show time and again that there is an over-representation of Moroccans in the crime and the benefits industry.

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That messenger Wilders brings his message sometimes in a blunt way, is unfortunate. But that does not mean that messenger Wilders is wrong.

Muslims in general and Moroccans as a group in particular do excessive damage, causing excessive amounts of misery. Wilders must continue to addresses the issue of the multicultural catastrophe and the Islamisation this once beautiful and fine country is facing.

Al Jizz and the usual shriekers are orgasmic:

“Dutch far-right” in crisis over Wilders chant

Further resignations hit Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party, after politician leads anti-Moroccan chant at an election rally

The incident, in which Wilders said he would arrange for fewer Moroccans to live in the Netherlands, has caused a crisis for his Party for Freedom (PVV), which had been ahead in opinion polls.

Le Pen and Wilders forge plan to ‘wreck’ EU from within

Front National and Freedom party aim to exploit euroscepticism at European elections to block policymaking within parliament

Africans Storming the Fence of Spanish Enclave Melilla

Authorities say the centre in Melilla was built for 472 migrants, but currently houses over 1,900.
tumblr_n2pm2aJCAV1r6m2leo1_500Spanish enclave Mellila: Photo of Africans storming the fence; update on crowding and disease (thanks to Blazing Cat Fur)

Turkish military shoots down Syrian warplane

Turkish PM congratulates military for felling the aircraft, while Damascus condemns the ‘flagrant aggression’.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has confirmed that the country’s air force shot down a Syrian aircraft for violating Turkish airspace, an action that Syria denounced as “unprecedented and unjustifiable”.–The incident happened on Sunday, with the plane crashing near the Syrian town of Kasab on the Turkish border after it was targeted by F-16s.

Deadly bomb blast hits Nigeria marketplace

Suspected Boko Haram fighters have detonated a bomb in a crowded marketplace in northeastern Nigeria killing at least 20 people, witnesses said.

Clashes flare in Lebanese capital

Pro-Damascus gunmen clash with rivals in Beirut, in the latest apparent spillover of the conflict in neighbouring Syria.

Group’s leadership says Israel will “pay a very high price” if it heeds Israeli calls to reoccupy the Gaza Strip.

2 thoughts on “Geert Wilders' Freedom Party hit by resignations, after "fewer-Moroccans" remark at an election rally”

  1. Wilders spoke his mind, as is his wont, and more power to him for that. The cowardly Ninnies who abandoned his party are well rid of. Good-bye, sayonara, auf wiedersehn, and crawl back into your holes!

    Let Wilders get Dutch Patriots to replace the sorry lot, and maybe, just maybe it will be what Holland needs to wrest itself out of the stranglehold of Political Correctness and Multi-culturalism, and become a DUTCH country again?!

    Remain steadfast, Wilders, let nobody and nothing deter you from your mission to restore Holland to its former greatness!

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