Geert Wilders Stands Firm: Nothing to Apologise For!

Geert Wilders, unapologetic about comment.  (Vlad Tepes)

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(Funny how no one is asking the South African government to apologize for chanting, ‘kill the white man’ dancing around with machine guns in front of the president. Or asking Zimbabwe to apologize for throwing out all the white farmers with no compensation. Or Saudi Arabia for having two cities where no non-muslims are even allowed to enter at all or practice their religion in any way within the country as a whole. But asking to reduce the number of immigrants who typically belong to a culture that is parasitical and seeks the destruction of the host nation, people and culture in Holland, somehow that warrants extreme contrition and prostrations)

Daniel Pipes:  Hating Geert Wilders

In its frenzied loathing of the Netherlands’ most important politician, Geert Wilders, the Dutch press will do almost anything to attack him.

He’s now in hot water for calling on a reduction in the number of Moroccans in the Netherlands. Tom-Jan Meeus of the leading newspaper NRC Handelsblad asked my opinion on this development. I wrote a response that both endorsed and criticized Wilders:

As is often the case, I disagree with Mr Wilders’ tactics while sympathizing with his goals. It is entirely understandable that the indigenous peoples of a country feel stress when large numbers of immigrants from an alien civilization, more than a few of them hostile, move in.

Wanting to bring this transfer of peoples under control is sensible – just as Moroccans feel when Dutch and other Europeans turn up in Marrakesh, just as a Dutch newspaper reported in 2010 (see That said, I wish that Mr Wilders went about protesting this issue in a more cautious way.

Meeus devoted a whole article to this little response, “Amerikaanse geldschieter neemt afstand van Wilders,” which translates as “U.S. money-lender distances himself from Wilders.”

This title is inaccurate in two ways: First, the Middle East Forum Education Fund did not lend money to Wilders but paid his lawyer to cover his legal expenses. Second, I did not distance myself from Wilders here but merely reiterated long-standing differences with him. In his article, Meeus also ignored my point that Moroccans likewise are uneager to have more Europeans live among them.

In brief, NRC Handelsblad dropped the nuances of my response to recruit me as another voice against Wilders. Shame on it. (March 22, 2014)

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6 thoughts on “Geert Wilders Stands Firm: Nothing to Apologise For!”

  1. I don’t care whether they are born in the Netherlands or not…it has nothing to do with their citizenship and everything to do with their evil ideology.

  2. Cowards rushing to become dhimmis are the Dutch of today! It seems the brave, patriotic Hollanders are the minority now, and their struggle to reclaim the country from the islamic avalanche may well be in vain. Too many “Dutch” people are opposed to their valiant efforts to restore Holland to its former status as a free, non-multicultural, civilised nation.

    We can always hope, though, that somehow Geert Wilders and his supporters will overcome their vicious opposition, and form the country’s next government!

  3. Can we safely assume that those who have condemned Wilders think that Holland would benefit from having more Moroccans?

  4. Can we safely assume that those who have condemned Wilders think that Holland would benefit from having more Moroccans?

    Yes. Thus if they feel that way, they should go to Morocco.

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