Headbanger Contributions?

You better learn to speak Islamic, people. For the naive, the clueless and the multiculti brigades, the chitchat between the bearded mullah and the sly Islamofascist Tariq Ramadan sounds innocuous, almost agreeable. Those of us who are familiar with brother Tariq’s ‘integration no, contribution yes’ babble can see the writing on the wall. Just wait until we have the numbers, they say, and everything will fall right into place, just where we want it.

 Tariq Ramadan on Iran Puss TV:  “British Muslims contribute to interfaith dialogue” (P.2)

Thanks to Mullah, pbuh:

5 thoughts on “Headbanger Contributions?”

  1. oh, they are slick and slimey! I can see where they can gain a lot of useful idiots with their smooth talk. Now, all this so called discussion of the koran and Bible with them is a pile of B.S. too. Just make sure to only discuss the verses that were abrogated because try to discuss the jihad verses and they will change on you from a smooth talking taqiyya babbler to a viper snake.

  2. the best way to clean it up throw it in the trash. i have heard a lot of lying in my life but this take the cake. they were named right headbangers.

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