Headscarves with "benefits"

FIFA removes ban on headscarves

 Sikh men, who are also required to cover their hair, will also benefit from the new rule change.


Bomb blast kills 20 in Pakistan

No group has so far claimed responsibility for the attack, however security forces have pointed the finger at Baluch separatists who have been fighting for the ‘liberation’ of the province; according to them, the area has been forcibly incarcerated in Pakistan since 1947, at the time of partition of India.

“Forcibly incarcerated?”  LOL!

Horn of Africa piracy ‘declining’

The fish made a comeback?

“Piracy off the Somalia coast was first started by fishermen who resented their country’s fish resources being exploited illegally by foreigners…”

China:  group of men in black, chasing people with two long knives

Canada: News Blackout

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