Justin Whelan's Phoney Prayers

Not even the extreme left ‘Guardian’ readers buy the morally supremacist rubbish this a$$hat offers up:

Why I prayed for asylum seekers in Scott Morrison’s office

Justin Whelan is led by police from Scott Morrison's officeJustin Whelan is led by police after taking part in a prayer vigil at Scott Morrison’s office.

The cruelty of Australia’s policies towards refugees drove me and eight friends to engage in civil disobedience to arouse the conscience of the nation

Meanwhile, the enablers  and coconspirators of the Mohammedan invasion are throwing hissy fits:

First they claimed it couldn’t work. Now they complain when it does

Andrew Bolt

First much of the media claimed “stop the boats” was a stupid slogan and the Abbott Government would fail. Now that the Government has done just that over the past 100 days, some of the reporting yesterday was plain spiteful.

Julian Burnside wasn’t happy, either:

THE Abbott Government is misleading the public as it hails 100 days passing without an asylum seeker boat arriving on Australian shores, a high-profile human rights lawyer says.

“We know that a number of boats have been intercepted and the people on board have been placed into orange life rafts and sent back,…If the message they’re getting across is that asylum seekers aren’t trying to get to Australia any more, the answer to that is yes, they’re misleading the public.’’

In fact, the Prime Minister yesterday made no such claim as Burnside implies:

I’m not going to comment on operations on the water, just say that we have implemented every aspect of the policies that we put to the people at the election and obviously one of the policies that we did take to the election wasturning boats around where it’s safe to do so. In the second hundred days we have now had no successful ventures to Australia and I would say the principal contributor to that result in particular has been our maritime operations.

Nor did the Immigration Minister:

We now go into the third phase where we move into the post monsoon period and the risks are just as great and our response will be as follows: we will maintain the intensity of all of our operations in all areas of Operation Sovereign Borders, both with our offshore processing, with what we’re doing at sea and through our disruption and partnership operations all the way up through the region, all the way back to source, we’ll maintain the intensity. Anyone who seeks to come here or run a venture in the next hundred days will find the same set of policies that stopped all those coming over the last hundred days.


Is the Sydney Morning Herald trying to set up Tony Abbott for a “mission accomplished” moment by verballing him?


Here is what Abbott actually said:


Are you prepared to say “mission accomplished”?


No, because as Scott said, the monsoon is coming to an end and traditionally, people smuggling operations have picked up at the end of the monsoon…. So, it is too early to declare that the job is done…

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