Locking criminal Muslims up is a waste of human talent, says Muslim MP

Muslim MP Sadiq Khan is himself a thief, a plotter and a terrorist sympathiser. In topsy turfy Britain they made him an MP. In a sane world he would be booted out and back to Pakistan, where things are so much better for his ilk.

From Asian News and the London Evening Standard


An MP has called for an urgent inquiry after it was revealed some 14% of all those behind bars are Muslim, up from 8% a decade ago. . . Fourteen prisons have a population that is at least a quarter Muslim, and at Whitemoor in Cambridgeshire 2 out of 5 prisoners are Muslim.

Half of the top 10 prisons with the highest Muslim populations are in London, including Belmarsh, where the percentage has risen since 2010 from 19 to 29 per cent, Brixton (24 per cent), Pentonville (28 per cent), Thameside (25 per cent) and Wormwood Scrubs (27 per cent).

The data was obtained by Sadiq Khan, the lawyer and shadow justice secretary who is himself a Muslim. He told the Evening Standard that an inquiry was vital to explain why the increase is happening.

Sadiq Khan said: “It is astonishing and a huge concern that one in seven prisoners is Muslim. This is compared to just one in twenty of the population. And in some parts of the country, 40% of all prisoners are Muslim. What’s really worrying is the rise, year after year, in the number of Muslims behind bars. The Government doesn’t appear to think is a cause for concern let alone taking steps to address this growing trend. Their complacency is breathtaking. Four years on and Conservative and Lib Dem Ministers have ignored this call. While they have their heads in the sand, the numbers of Muslims behind bars continues to rise. The Government appears utterly clueless about what to do about this growing problem.

“This is a waste of human talent and a huge drain on the hard-pressed taxpayer. If we want to reduce crime, and save money on the costs of prisons and probation, we need to get to the bottom of why there is such growth in numbers of Muslims behind bars.”

Readers may remember Sadiq Khan being caught fiddling his expenses, his visits to an ‘old friend’ in prison, the old friend being Babar Ahmad, recently convicted of terrorist offences, and his earlier career as a human rights lawyer. Am I imagining an undercurrent of outrage that the kuffar dare to apprehend Muslim criminals and further dare to sentence them to imprisonment? A selection of comments from the London Evening Standard :

♦ they commit more serious crimes and get locked up for longer. There’s a culture that encourages the explotation of unbelievers and teaches that women have less rights than sheep. Yes, I agree that it’s only a small minority of Moslems that are part of it. but there again, it’s only a small minority of my culture that are habitual thieves.

♦”Muslims are more frequently caught and prosecuted, or sentenced to longer prison terms compared with other offenders…”
….. because they commit more crimes, more frequently and of a more serious nature. Peddling drugs, major fraud and filthy restaurants and shops come immediately to mind.

♦ Now let me think Mr Khan…I have it….could it be that these Muslims have done a crime and now they have to do the time…I know it must come as a shock to you that Muslims should be treated like the rest of British society….but there you go……donut!!!!

♦ Could it have anything to do with the insane level of Muslim immigration into this City over the last 20 years.
There was a time when seeing a woman in a hijab was an event. Nowadays,it’s every other woman you pass on the street!
Surprise Surprise really….they aren’t special or better or more moral….in fact they’re more into crime than the average Brit from these statistics..fraud,robbery,peados ,honour crime etc

And you hear,”Oh,it can’t be true we are Muslim!”

Oh yes it is Abdul!

15 thoughts on “Locking criminal Muslims up is a waste of human talent, says Muslim MP”

  1. I totally agree.!!! They should be out on the streets doing what they do best, decapitating our heroes and raping our children. Their talents are wasted inside prison smoking dope all day!!!

  2. What human talent … ahh he must mean those that are locking the muslim crims up and safeguarding the pubic … because there is very little talent from the muslim pool which continually saturates at the lower end of the gene pool.

  3. “Waste of human talent”?? I nearly wet my pants laughing.

    This guy is a great comedian.

  4. Its not Muslim men but Norwegian grannies that are more likely to commit acts of terrorism using civilian airliners as WMDs. That is why they are profiled more then any other. Profiling is wrong, but that’s how it is.

  5. Of course the percentage of Muslims in prison is increasing as the Muslim proportion of the overall population is while still relatively small growing at a very fast rate and by 2040 will be a very significant proportion of the overall population but more importantly is no longer a small proportion of the age groups which engage in criminal behaviour and overlaid on top of that is the much higher propensity of Muslims to engage in sharia law sanctioned and encouraged behaviour which for the time being is still seen to be criminal from the western perspective although seen as jihad by the muslims. But no inquiry would ever permit any of this to see the light of day and David Cameron and his ilk would see to it that laws were passed to suppress what remains in The Former Great Britain of the ability to recognise and name such behaviour as criminal.

  6. I agree, a waste of tax payer’s money. Hang the murderers and child rapists, and dump the rest in some nice islamic country, preferably with a tattoo on their face to avoid them ever getting back in: PNG-UK.

  7. Is it just me or do you ever get the feeling you are living in a parallel universe to followers of Islam and the moral and cultural relativists that live within our midst? Wasted talent? You have got to be kidding me. I agree that most people deserve a second chance but how many of these wasted talents are recidivists? Up is down, wrong is right,it’s not their fault, truth is hate, the state knows best. It drives me loopy that any coverage let alone credence is given to this drivel. I also shake my head and wonder why other MPs won’t see this as Sharia, bit by bit, softening up the Kuffar.

  8. A high percentage of the Muslims in our prisons have only converted since being locked up. Why…because of the perks, prayer time, better food etc. And one other thing is that prisoners such as child molesters who would normally have a hard time of it between the four walls. Once converted all previous sins are relinquished and they become part of ‘the brotherhood’ and are protected.
    So…..not so many ‘real’ Muslims in our prisons.

  9. “talent”? I think I know just what kind of “talents” this piece of scum has in mind.

    If he ever becomes London mayor then God help us, that’s all I can say, the Megamosque will probably finally get built if he does.

  10. Sharia isn’t law at all because islam doesn’t believe in free-will intent, only in being predeterministically enslaved by allah. So it doesn’t offer any “if you choose to do this, that will happen to you” but only offers endless excuses for how you were a victim of allah’s. If you say “Yeah, I did it, I’m sorry!” then you get executed, but if you say “Yeah, I may seem to have done it, but it’s not reeally my fault because the allah made me do it!” then you get automatically pardoned for any/all offenses, including murder!

    And, since any and all crimes aren’t really crimes at all, but holy, pious acts when committed against infidels, there’s lots of muslims in jail already, and it’s also the quickest way to pardon one’s self without feeling any guilt, is to become a muslim – which is why there are so many prison conversions.

  11. What exactly have muslims contributed to this or any other country they have infested? What talent specifically did he have in mind; drug importation and supply, child grooming, honour killing, female genital mutilation, rape, terrorism, murder or benefit scrounging?

  12. Considering that everyone’s first response was talent? What talent? Very amusing.

    Oh dear, someone has forgotten that the majority of Muslims in the UK- 80% of which are on the dole and it has been revealed that a further 14% are in prison.

    So, that leaves about 6% that are actually productive. There is no legitimate concern about human talent being lost as it has already been revealed that Muslims in the UK contribute little to nothing to the country. Not to mention the documented facts of low IQ and any demonstrable means of productions.

    Q: “we need to get to the bottom of why there is such growth in numbers of Muslims behind bars.”

    A: Simple, an increase of unwanted Muslims from shithole countries, with a criminal mentality suffering arrested development and a deep hate and a sneering condescension for the host country were allowed into the UK (thank you Tony Blair et al.) in record numbers between 1997-2014. Thus resulting in larger numbers of Muslims being arrested and sentenced for rape, violence, murder, assault, theft, drugs, etc., etc. in larger numbers.

    Now, the bigger question should be what does an immigrant have to do in this country to lose their citizenship?

  13. Top-security UK prison where terror fanatics serve life sentences is ‘al-Qaeda recruiting centre’

    42 per cent of ­convicts follow the Islamic faith – a figure in stark contrast to the overall UK population of just 5%

    A top-security prison where almost half the inmates are Muslims is a breeding ground for Islamic extremists, experts warned last night.

    The Sunday People reveals that category A Whitemoor jail, where terror fanatics are serving life ­sentences for plotting mass murder in the UK, is a recruiting centre for al Qaeda, ­according to alarmed staff, prison ­inspectors and politicians.

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  14. RE: The Sunday People reveals that category A Whitemoor jail, where terror fanatics are serving life ­sentences for plotting mass murder in the UK, is a recruiting centre for al Qaeda, ­according to alarmed staff, prison ­inspectors and politicians.

    So, basically anyone coming out of a British prison who is Muslim or newly converted to Islam should be placed on the governments watch list or removed from the UK.

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