Munich: Islamic Crime Syndicates Warn Against 'Extremist Islam Haters' in Municipal Elections



Mohammedan crime syndicates calling themselves  DÄ°TÄ°B , Milli Görüş & Muslim Council are interfering in Munich’s municipal elections: in a joint statement they warn of  “right-wing populists”and demand that citizens do not vote for them.

” We do not want to legitimise extremist Islam haters in the town hall,  especially one who leads a demagogic campaign against people just because they have a different religion.”

That’s how mad things have become in Munich and elsewhere, that organised Muslim gangsters wield influence on who is elected by the people and what is discussed in Town Halls.–Moslem-Dachverbände: “Keinen extremistischen Islamhasser ins Münchner Rathaus”–German, from PI

In other news:

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“If you can do this three times, no one’s going to get on an airplane” (source)

MALAYSIA AIRLINES Flight 370: Maybe it’s time to take another look at those Uighur Muslims from China

images-1Early on, a claim by Uighur Muslims taking credit for the missing flight was quickly discounted, but now is being reexamined. Uighur Muslims have been behind virtually all the terror attacks in China over the past 6 years, but their methods are neither sophisticated nor technologically advanced – mostly knife attacks or homemade bombs. (BNI)


4 thoughts on “Munich: Islamic Crime Syndicates Warn Against 'Extremist Islam Haters' in Municipal Elections”

  1. Stop being tolerant of the intolerant !
    DEPORT all muslims
    INCARCERATE all Assisters/Enablers of islam THEN
    DEPORT all Assisters/Enablers of islam

    No muslim to exist anywhere a non-muslim exists !

  2. Oh, my, what could be the motivation?
    “Has the intelligence community ever gamed this?” What intelligence community? Muslims will always do what is unthinkable and unimaginable.
    NBC news sucks. It should be called NDW, New Dhimmi Whine.
    Sheesh, I bet John Kerry’s lips are brown, all the way back to his ears.
    If we had started vaporizing Muslims cities on a random schedule the day after the Munich Olympics atrocity, starting with Mecca, we might not be having the problem we have today.

  3. Incorrect – people will get inside an airplane – they will just be ready to tear the shit bag terrorists apart by hand.

  4. Michael Stürzenberger is a hero, brave, courageous, handsome, intelligent, erudite, articulate, so: of course the corrupt, ugly, cowardly, murderous, moronic, an alphabetic sub-humans hate him.

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