Obama' IRS Terror is Far Worse Than Watergate

Obama in your pocket: Red State (thanks to Moonbattery)

The Obama propaganda machine doesn’t report Islamic terror until it happens:

Iranian Kills Himself at Georgia Tech Evidently While Preparing Terror Attack

Congratulations to our rulers on nearly solving the Muslim terrorism problem. By “our rulers,” I’m referring to the media, not the government it installed and enables.

Their solution to Muslim terrorism is simple; they don’t report it unless there is no way to keep a lid on it. That makes it disappear.  (Moonbattery)

Obama Terror

REMEMBER: When Dems Say “Liberal Groups Were Targeted Too” by IRS – They’re Lying

There is NO EVIDENCE that a single liberal group was given the same scrutiny as conservative groups.


Newscaster quits over Putin propaganda

Russia Today anchor quits on live TV over Putin ‘whitewashing’

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The profits beard:

Holder Moves to Squash Philadelphia Schools Beard Code on Behalf of Islam

The Philadelphia school system is trying to promote an atmosphere of professionalism by limiting the lengths of beards among employees. But even if Phil Robertson or Billy Gibbons were thinking of moving to Philly to pursue a new career in education, there would be no reason to despair. Eric Holder has come to the rescue — for reasons that anyone familiar with the priorities of his old law firm might have predicted. Via Philly.com: (Moonbattery)

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  1. Today, 30,000.
    Tomorrow, more.
    More, more, more.
    Take Crimea.
    Take the Black Sea Region, Russia.

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