"The life of prophet Muhammad" – Opera of Misconceptions opens in Sharjah

Wanna bet that there was no Muhammad and no Aisha in this ‘opera?’

‘If we don’t do this, if we don’t spread the real message of Islam, we’re letting the extremists take over. This is our way of responding to them.’

Singing the praises of a marauding mass-murderer and serial rapist:

Islam the opera: curtain up on Clusters of Light about life of prophet Muhammad

Clusters of Light

Musical production telling the story of Islam’s main prophet has premiered in Sharjah, the small emirate adjoining Dubai

Peter Walker and Susan Schulman/The Guardian

It was quite a challenge, even for the crack team of theatrical experts summoned from around the world: less than six months to produce a hi-tech musical extravaganza about one of the most renowned figures in human history. Oh yes, and the title character can’t appear on stage.

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Truth wins over the smears

Does it? Not always. It works for Andrew Bolt, who has the wherewithal to defend himself. He has that megaphone that works like a blowtorch on leftoid cockroaches.

Andrew Bolt

IF I can do it, who now can’t? I’ve said our laws against free speech are too tough, and I’d set an example by not suing for defamation.

Some of our biggest media outlets seemed to take that almost as a dare.

First, lawyer Ron Merkel QC, acting for the fair-skinned Aborigines who got two of my articles banned, told the Jewish judge my thinking was of the kind that inspired the Nazis’ race laws and led to the Holocaust — a disgusting smear many newspapers gleefully published. Still, Jewish leaders did this year finally condemn that court-sanctioned defamation. My banned articles had actually protested against a form of racism that treats us not as individuals but representatives of ethnic or “racial” groups.

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The lamps are going out all over Europe. We shall not see them lit again in our lifetime…

We all gonna die:

“The world’s governments and top climate scientists will publish the most devastating assessment yet of what global warming threatens to do to the planet.” (JoAnn Nova)

Then there is “Earth Hour” that will save the Great Barrier Reef:

Earth Hour is a celebration of “ignorance, poverty and backwardness“- but the sceptics are increasing: Fairfax has barely bothered to promote its annual darkness festival, and the usual Earth Hour boosterism from the ABC and others is utterly absent. It’s almost as though people aren’t excited any more about turning their lights off for 60 minutes. (Tim Blair)

Meanwhile, “Climate Change” Racketeers Are Becoming More and More Hysterical  

p2-climate-a-20140328-200x200YOKOHAMA – Rajendra Pachauri, chairman of the U.N.-sponsored Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, stressed Wednesday that the impacts of global warming will be severe if the world fails to take action.

From al Jizz:

Climate change will complicate and worsen existing global security problems, such as civil wars, strife between nations and refugees, the world’s top scientists say.

Funny that we are never told  who these “top scientists” are. The reality is that more and more experts see “climate change” for the fraud that it is and don’t want to be associated with it:  UK professor refuses to put his name to ‘apocalyptic’ UN climate change survey that he claims is exaggerating the effects

Science buried in bureaucracy and corruption:

Office of Research Integrity director quits in disgust

Bureaucrats have not only taken over much of the science world, but even the parts of the bureaucracy designed to hunt out corruption in science are incapacitated with bureaucracy-at-its-worst too. This is second order corruption — even the checks and balances on corruption are corrupted.

As James Delingpole points out: Science is rife with corruption, incompetence, dishonesty and fabrication–and now, thanks to a frank resignation letter by the US’s top scientific misconduct official we have a better idea why.

The former Archlunatic of Canterbury stays the course:


Rowan Williams warns of climate catastrophe

The former Archbishop of Canterbury argues that Western lifestyles bear the responsibility for causing climate change in world’s poorest regions (for this dolt, it was always about redistribution. Rowan Williams is a commie agitprop)

Fights over resources, hunger and extreme weather will all go into the mix to further destabilise the world [EPA]

A United Nations climate panel for the first time is connecting hotter global temperatures to global conflicts, in an authoritative report to be released on Monday.

Celebrating Darkness

Meanwhile, the lights are going out all over Europe for free speech, as Mohammedan savages threaten to behead those who insult the profit of Islam….. (Mark Steyn)

“There’s a problem with my wife”

Not to worry: Yassir Hassan fixed it. And a sympathetic judge gave him a  Muselbonus, how good is that!?


A 54-year-old (Musel-)man stabs his 24-year-old wife more than a dozen times, killing her. Some of her wounds are 14 centimetres deep. The young woman, a mother of three who wed her husband when she was just 16, attempted to shield herself with a blanket as she was repeatedly and viciously knifed.

image Murder victim Mariam Yousif

The man claims in court he was provoked by his wife questioning his manhood. The court accepts this, reducing his charge from murder to manslaughter and sentencing him to just nine years in prison.

This didn’t happen in the Middle East. It happened in Sydney.

UPDATE. The husband’s emergency call:

Hassan stabbed her at least 14 times then called triple-0 and told the operator “There’s a problem with my wife”.

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Birmingham city council complicit in "Trojan Horse” plot

Fury as fanatic who trained 7/7 bomber sets up Islamic PRIMARY SCHOOL in Britain

Sajeel Sahid ran a camp where he taught bomb-making and combat skills. (Posted by Jim Hoft)

Now he’s opened a primary school in once great Britain.
Shahid 1.jpgAd-Deen school founder Sajeel Sahid, 38, called for violence against British troops and ran a training camp in Pakistan where known terrorists learned how to make bombs and fire rocket- propelled grenades. (Daily Mail: Radical Headbanger Who Trained 7-7 Tube Bomber Opens Primary School in Britain)

 Birmingham city council complicit in “Trojan Horse” plot 

“It felt like a faith school. Islam permeated everything,” said a source close to the investigation. “All the citizenship teaching was about being a good Muslim and there was nothing that prepared pupils for life in modern Britain.”

Teachers ‘assaulted and marginalised in Islamising plot’

Khalid Mahmood, Labour MP for Birmingham Perry Barr, alleges explains ‘Trojan Horse’ plan to import hardline views into turn public schools into madrases.

Staff at one of the Birmingham schools targeted by Muslim hardliners in the so-called “Trojan Horse” plot were assaulted as part of a campaign against the school management, official documents show.

The disclosure comes as one local Muslim MP said he was certain there was an “extensive operation” to import fundamentalist views into supposedly secular state schools and “split young people away from their parents”.

Khalid Mahmood, Labour MP for Birmingham Perry Barr, accused Birmingham city council of being “complicit” in the alleged plot and attacked the purported ringleader, Tahir Alam, saying: “It is very appropriately named Trojan Horse – that’s exactly what he has been doing.”– Andrew Gilligan from the Telegraph has more

UK High Security Prison Effectively Run by Jihadists

Esmeralda has more on the ‘Trojan Horse” effort:

The reporters at the Telegraph believe there is an agenda, even if it was not actually called Operation Trojan Horse. 

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We need to start hurting some Muslim feelings….

Egypt: MuBro’s Bomb Church, Four Dead

Hussein Obama  says the Muslim Brotherhood is misunderstood.

But Egypt and Saudi Arabia have declared the Muslim Brotherhood  a terrorist organization.

Who are we to believe?

Jailed supporters of ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi raise the four-finger sign, a symbol of defiance associated with Muslim Brotherhood supporters, during their trial in Alexandria, on March 29:

201433012217422836_8Just because hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood supporters have been sentenced to death for mass-murder and terror they inflicted on the nation after the people’s revolution, doesn’t mean they can’t bomb a church or two. After all, what else can muslims do to ‘defend Islam?’Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood supporters attack church, four dead

boycott list


More from the Religion of Peace:

hand-amputation-syria-gOrthodox Muslims in Syria prepare to hack off a man’s hand for theft – as Allah tells them to do in the Quran.

10 Myths about Muslims in the West?  (Jihad Watch)

A Dhimwit apparently discovered that the best way to defend Muslim immigration is by dismissing the evidence rather than contending with it.

Because We are at War  (Creeping Sharia)

As BNI says, it isn’t ‘Islamophobia’ when they really are trying to kill you [in the name of their God].

The Pathological Roots of Islam  (FSM)

Islam is aggressive when it should not be and also passive when it should not be.

The NYT, Political Correctness and Allah  (Algemeiner)

The NY Times colored a piece relating to an attempted terror attack on Israeli troops.

Counter-Terrorism is Politically Incorrect  (Molschky)

Common sense means that Muslims are going to get their feelings hurt if their chosen hosts want to stay safe.

Seeking Peace by Waging War  (American Thinker)

As the deadline for peace approaches, the Palestinian gamesmanship and rocket attacks predictably ramp up.

Allowing Sharia Sets a Dangerous Precedent  (Toronto Sun)

Giving in to Muslim demands leads to a bad place.

CAIR Cancels TV Show  (FSM)

A group founded by Islamic extremists is now dictating what can and can’t be shown during primetime.

Lessons from Leaving Islamic Tyranny  (FrontPage Magazine)

A recent immigrant to the US reminds fellow Muslims that if they don’t like it, no one is forcing them to stay.

The Thighing of Aisha  (Answering Muslims)

This article gets a bit graphic, but the gist is that Islam’s paragon of perfection was only marginally restrained around children.

Angelina's Tears

Bosnia: Hollyweird Super Moonbat Angelina Jolie dutifully wears hijab, cries her heart out for “Muslim Rape Victims”

imageUNHCR goodwill ambassador Angelina Jolie reacts during a visit to Potocari, Bosnia on Friday, March 28, 2014.

SARAJEVO — Bosnia’s decision to include preventing sexual violence in military training is “groundbreaking” and should become the standard for UN peacekeeping missions, British Foreign Secretary William Hague and Angelina Jolie said Friday.

jolie bosnia rape APUNHCR goodwill ambassador Angelina Jolie, right, accompanied by British Foreign Secretary William Hague, left, pay their respects to victims at memorial center of Potocari near eastern Bosnian town of Srebrenica, 180 kms northeast of Sarajevo ,on Friday, March 28, 2014. British Foreign Secretary William Hague and Hollywood star Angelina Jolie addressed a conference organized in Sarajevo by Bosnia’s Defense Ministry on sexual violence in conflict. (AP Photo/Amel Emric)

Angelina Jolie Emotional in Sarajevo; Cries for the Rape Victims of Bosnian War

BS on steroids. Once you  know that the despicable Klintoons (on the advice of Saudi mole Huma Abedin)  bombed the Christian Serbs out of their ancestral homeland you know everything. Good heavens, why would the U.S.  establish a Mohammedan jihad statelet  right smack in the middle of Europe?  As always, Muslims are portrayed as victims and receive huge amounts of money from “the international community”, with no end in sight. Kosovo,Bosnia, Herzegovina,  as long as these lands remain infested with Muslims,  will always be impoverished,  will always feel ‘oppressed’, as long as they can’t enforce the sharia on everyone.

Angelina Jolie went on a visit in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, March 27, not as a Hollywood actress to promote her film, but as a United Nations Special Envoy with a mission to promote an end to sexual violence against women in war. (Read it and weep.)

Jolie and Hague later met widows and mothers of genocide victims in Srebrenica — a Bosnian town where Serb forces killed over 8,000 Muslim men and boys in 1995. Jolie came out of the meeting crying.

Don’t believe a word. There was no ‘genocide’.  Muslims, with the help of the Clinton government,  drove the Serbs out of of their ancestral homeland and now occupy their homes. That’s a fact. Everything else is BS.

Headbanger Contributions?

You better learn to speak Islamic, people. For the naive, the clueless and the multiculti brigades, the chitchat between the bearded mullah and the sly Islamofascist Tariq Ramadan sounds innocuous, almost agreeable. Those of us who are familiar with brother Tariq’s ‘integration no, contribution yes’ babble can see the writing on the wall. Just wait until we have the numbers, they say, and everything will fall right into place, just where we want it.

 Tariq Ramadan on Iran Puss TV:  “British Muslims contribute to interfaith dialogue” (P.2)

Thanks to Mullah, pbuh:

Geert Wilders and the ‘Fewer Moroccans’ Controversy

Wilders’ “fewer, fewer, fewer…” should not be interpreted as a chant against an ethnic minority, but rather as a call for action to preserve our nation’s freedom, culture and history without wearing ideological blinkers. That’s what Moroccans in Marrakech are trying to accomplish as well and no one is calling them ‘racists.’

By Crethi Plethi


What happens if a politician asks his followers whether they want more, or fewer Moroccans, in their city? It’s possible that his followers will respond by chanting: “Fewer, fewer, fewer….” And what happens if the politician confirms with: “Then we’ll make that happen.” Dutch Politician and Islam-critic Geert Wilders did just that during local elections last week (March 19) and created a storm that will have a lasting impact on the immigration debate in the Netherlands.

As usual, Dutch mainstream media, several national Moroccan/immigrant organizations and many leftist-liberal politicians lashed out against Geert Wilders and his Freedom Party (PVV) accusing him of racism and hate speech. The Facebook page ‘I Am Filing a Complaint Against Wilders’ (Ik Doe Aangifte Tegen Wilders) already has 99,224 likes (March 28, 2014). Hundreds of complaints are filed with the police until now and still counting… Only time can tell how Wilders’ controversial speech will affect his and his Freedom Party’s popularity in the long-term.


“Muslims Don’t Integrate Because They Do Not Want To”

…. the blame lies with two groups: the Moroccans, who say the Dutch are responsible for their circumstances, and leftwing multiculturalists, who have portrayed Moroccans as the defenseless victims of an unfair society. (But the real problem is Islam.)

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£1Million For a 'Slope?'

This is what hate-speech advocates would inflict on us in Australia if the Abbott government doesn’t manage to overturn 18C:


BBC faces £1MILLION racism lawsuit over Jeremy Clarkson’s ‘slope’ quip on Top Gear Burma special

  • Somi Guha, 36, is suing BBC over alleged racist remark on Top Gear
  • Jeremy Clarkson caused outrage by using word ‘slope’ in Burma special
  • Term is a derogatory phrase for people of Asian descent
  • Actress Ms Guha’s lawyers say action could cost the BBC £1million
  • They demand organisation apologises and takes show off the air

An actress is suing the BBC for up to £1million after Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson allegedly made a racist remark during the series finale of the show.

Indian-born Somi Guha, 36, has instructed lawyers after Clarkson used the word ‘slope’ – a derogatory term for people of Asian descent – in the Top Gear Burma special. (Daily Mail)

Meanwhile, the kerfuffle over speech unites Muselmaniac Waleed Aly and fossils like Bob Hawke:

Anyone who will sacrifice a little liberty for a little bit of extra security will deserve neither and lose both.