Serbian army opens prayer room for Muslim soldiers

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Good news: “Serbia is on the democratic path”

The supremacist Turk Bullettin  finds it necessary to print this twice:

Nearly 3.1 percent (220,828) of Serbia’s 7.1 million population is thought to be Muslim.

Serbian army opens prayer room for Muslim soldiers
Serbian army opens prayer room for Muslim soldiers

World Bulletin / News Desk

The Serbian military has opened its first masjid [prayer room] for Muslim soldiers in its Belgrade headquarters.

Chief of General Staff Ljubisa Dikovic, the head of Serbia’s Islamic community Adem Zilkic and the mufti of Belgrade Muhamed Jusufspahić participated in an opening ceremony in the General Staff building on Thursday.

“This is a sign that shows Serbia is on the democratic path”, Zilkic said.

Another masjid was previously opened for Muslim soldiers serving in Serbian Army in the city of Novi Pazar.

Nearly 3.1 percent (220,828) of Serbia’s 7.1 million population is thought to be Muslim. According to 2011 census data, Islam is the third-biggest religion in Serbia, which is mostly Orthodox Christian.

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