The PuffHo Gives Tips for Interfaith Organizing on College Campuses

Picture of the Week (thanks to the Religion of Peace)

Islamic fanatics burned nuns, slit the throats of dozens of students at a school, murdered members of a polio vaccination team, bombedrestaurants and markets, massacred over a hundred  villagers and even waded into a train station (above) to stab over thirty Chinese commuters to death – all in the past week.  People were slaughtered explicitly in the name of Allah in a dozen other countries as well.At the same time, Muslims are the only people who attach the word “phobia” to the end of their religion and pretend that it is irrational to even think that Islam is different or dangerous.

Pakistan: 407 killed in 192 “nothing to do with Islam” terrorist incidents in February

Nigeria: Three Attacks Kill At Least 90

Around 407 people lost their lives in 192 terrorist incidents during February 2014, a report of Conflict Monitoring Centre said on Saturday. This includes deaths of 68 security forces personnel, nine razakars, 194 terrorists and 136 civilians. 516 others were injured, including 133 security personnel, 4 razakars, 49 terrorists and 330 civilians.

Security forces arrested 143 suspected terrorists while 24 people have been kidnapped during February 2014. Balochistan witnessed highest number of incidents (83) but number of deaths in FATA outnumbered other provinces/ administrative units.

Amnesty for the Rigby Killers?


What would it mean for Britain if ‘radicalized’ Muslims (ie. those who take their religion seriously) were to organize in the way of the IRA?

Life term for Lee Rigby murder is ‘an injustice,’ says brother of killer Michael Adebolajo

Abdul Jaleel, the murderer’s younger brother, told the Daily Star Sunday the punishment was the “decree of Allah” and warned it would not make Britain safer. Abdul Jaleel, born Jeremiah Adebolajo, told us: “It was the qada of Allah – the decree of Allah. “It was an injustice and a move away from the rule of law which got Britain into this situation of insecurity (in the first place) and so no further injustice will make them safer.”–Esmerelda Weatherwax

A supporter of the English Defence League stands by a replica hangman's noose and gallows during a protest outside the Old Bailey courthouse in London

PuffHo tards can’t get enough of this gibberish:

Mustard or retard?

The belief of a headscarf driving oppression or restriction for Muslim women is taken from the misconception that Islam is a religion that promotes male dominance. Islam itself is a religion that provides equality to both genders. Hana Malik, Social-Activist | Creative Writer | Model/Photographer.

Same old shiite. Muslim tilts are told  to wear the freedom sack. They cannot chose not to wear it.

PuffHo tart gives tips for Interfaith Organizing on College Campuses by Aamir Hussain

Colleges are natural breeding grounds for interfaith organising, Promoting interfaith cooperation can be difficult for campuses that lack religious diversity.

College students quickly tire of “kumbaya” interfaith dialogues that highlight hackneyed religious similarities such as the Golden Rule.  Be Persistent! (thanks to Mullah, pbuh)

BhA9XJXCAAAGe_vSome are not as dumb as you may think…. (Jawa Report)


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