Their God Wants More Dead Boat People

No, God cannot want more dead boat people  (Andrew Bolt)


THE problem with sanctimony is it’s so selfish. For one, it doesn’t do a thing to stop boat people dying.

Nine protesters last week invaded Immigration Minister Scott Morrison’s office to hold a prayer vigil for “Mr Morrison to change his heart”.

Note: it wouldn’t matter to God whether they’d prayed in Morrison’s office or a church. Clearly, these authoritarians — one a former Greens official — occupied Morrison’s office simply to harass the minister, himself a Christian.

How Christian is that? And fancy pretending they were just praying. May God not strike them dead for taking his name in vain.

Besides, what were they praying for?

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Besides, what were they praying for? Answer: for Morrison to scrap policies that stopped boats for three months, and stopped drownings, too.

More than 1100 boat people were lured to their deaths after Labor sanctimoniously relaxed our border laws in 2008; 55 every three months.

So these protesters prayed for an end to policies which arguably saved 55 lives. Does God like corpses?

Of course, such selfish indifference is not limited to young Greens. I accuse even the Pope.

When 300 illegal immigrants drowned last year sailing from Africa to Sicily, Pope Francis denounced the West’s “disgrace”: “Let us unite our efforts so that similar tragedies do not happen again.” But what did he want? Free flights for every African wanting La Dolce Vita?

Few dared say the Pope was encouraging more of what he deplored. Italy’s prime minister went along with this hand-wringing, declaring: “The hundreds who lost their lives off Lampedusa yesterday are Italian citizens as of today.”

But six months later? The International Organisation for Migration says a record 4457 illegal immigrants reached Sicily in only three days last week.

They came from Africa and the Middle East — Eritrea, Nigeria, Syria, Mali, Gambia, Guinea Bissau and Senegal — as part of a mass migration to the First World.

How do the sanctimonious think this will end? With Italians gladly sharing their vanishing wealth with strangers who didn’t earn it? With choruses of Kumbayah on Cronulla beach? I doubt God would grant that dubious miracle.

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