Uighur spokesturd whines about "backlash", threatens China with "more atrocities"

Dangerous Norwegians
In its annual terror assessment report on Tuesday, Norway’s intelligence agency didn’t identify the countries where Norwegians present a potential terrorist threat, except to say it isn’t Syria.
Uighur leader fears China’s ‘iron fist’ after attack
 But Rebiya Kadeer, president of the World Uighur Congress, thinks its time to threaten the Chinese:  “the response of an iron fist crackdown will increase the hatred and increase the contradictions between people in East Turkestan”. She added: “If the situation goes on like this, more and more atrocities like this will happen in East Turkestan.”

They might be contemplating the following:

Requiring the Uighurs to remove themselves from all major Chinese cities outside of Xinjiang. Closing all the mosques outside of Xinjiang. It could thus contain the security problem largely limiting it to that Western region, so as to avoid having to police the whole country. And the Uighurs, frightened into silence and submission by such measures, would be very quiet indeed, and for a very long time. For the past two centuries there have been explosions of Muslim violence in China. The last time was in the early 1930s. All such explosions of violence, which took place in Xinjiang, have been ruthlessly suppressed — and for a long time afterwards, the peace was kept, and for decades.

That is what some in the Chinese government might be contemplating. And while some in Western governments might, if they carried out such a strategy of self-defense, express a real or feigned indignation, there would be, tellingly, no echoing outcry from any Western peoples. They would remain quiet, because they will, as they ponder the example of Chinese policy, be lost in thought. (Hugh Fitzgerald)

From the NL Times

The PVV wants “jihad brides” from Gouda to lose their passports, and that they be apprehended and questioned upon their return from Syria.  (Fitzgerald)

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  1. A Russian General once remarked that the harder you bitch-slapped the muselmaniacs down, the longer they will keep quiet.

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