UK: Sharia Finance,"Islamophobia", Jiziya & Sensitivity Training For Judges

 Warsi, Sharia Finance, Mehdi Hasan and “Islamophobia” @ PuffHo

“Britain is the word’s leading financial centre and we should also be one of the world’s leading centres on Islamic finance. This is a huge market worth trillions of dollars. Why, therefore, shouldn’t we be using the legal, financial and academic expertise that we have to set our stall out?”

She doesn’t deny that it has been a challenge to get a sharia-related issue onto the political agenda. “It wasn’t easy.

Really? Getting money out of braindead politprops seems to be a piece of cake:

Ex-British PM says international donors will give Pakistan $1 billion in education aid

Meet the old boss, same as the new boss. This is nothing more or less than a form of tribute, a jizya payment that will not help any Pakistanis and will only increase the Pakistani intelligentsia’s contempt for the West. It has been obvious for years that the Pakistanis have been aiding the same jihadists (JW]  Continue Reading »

UK Islamic honor violence goes unreported:

Schools and communities fear accusations of “Islamophobia”

How far gone is Dhimmi Britannia? This far gone. Under pressure from Islamic supremacist and hard-Left agitation groups, the government bans counter-jihadists such as Pamela Geller and me from entering the country, but it isn’t just the government that is adopting a posture of abject submission before Islamic supremacism: this news item shows that the [JW] Continue Reading »

Immigrant group calls for training of judges

By Luke Byrne

JUDGES need to undergo “intercultural training”, the head of an NGO that helps to integrate immigrants to Ireland has claimed. …

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  1. So the banksters are looking for ways to get around the presumed anti-Usury roadblocks Muhammad allegedly set up so they can own the muslims, too? No worries! Sharia endorses charging interest to one’s enemies, because even a brain-dead sand-bandit like Moe knew that selling money was a sure way to defeat one’s enemies.

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